Things To Know About Dade School

Things To Know About Dade School

The few things to know about Dade school back in Miami, United States of America are that it is one of the oldest academic institutions in US, given the time it was established and the many records it has garnered over the years of its excellent deliveries in terms of service and quality production of individuals rich in character and learning.

About the School

Well, the Dade school is also known as Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS). It is the public school district serving Miami-Dade County in the U.S. state of Florida.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is one of a few public school districts in the U.S. to offer optional international studies programs and bilingual education. Bilingual education is offered in Spanish, French, German, Haitian Creole, and Mandarin Chinese. M-DCPS is the only school district in Florida to offer bilingual education in Mandarin. As of 2014 35% of MDCPS teachers are graduates of Florida International University

The district includes all of Miami-Dade County. It is managed by the School Board of Miami-Dade County, which appoints a superintendent to head the administrative portions of the district. Dr. Jose Dotres has been Superintendent since February 2022.

As of 2006 most newly named schools received names after people working for or involved with M-DCPS, and district rules allow schools to be named after people who are still alive. Relatively few schools were named after highly famous people.

  • Annual Enrollment

The total student enrollment of Miami-Dade County Public Schools as of August 30, 2016 was 370,656. As of 2012, 62% of MDCPS students were of Hispanic origin (of any race), 25% Black, 10% Non-Hispanic White, 3% other and multiracial. Of the students enrolled in MDCPS, 54% spoke Spanish at home, 5% spoke Haitian Creole, and less than 1% spoke French and Portuguese at home.

45% of students were enrolled in bilingual Spanish language programs, and an additional 23% were enrolled in other bilingual programs in French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole. The breakdown of students is shown below.

  • Active students: 345,545
  • Pre-K students: 6,931
  • Part-time students: 476
  • Current adult/vocational students: 17,124
  • Co-enrolled in high school: 580

Pre-K: 1,533
Kindergarten: 23,555
Grade 1: 25,014
Grade 2: 26,423
Grade 3: 28,679
Grade 4: 26,056
Grade 5: 27,110
Grade 6: 25,784
Grade 7: 26,053
Grade 8: 26,654
Grade 9: 27,211
Grade 10: 27,740
Grade 11: 27,341
Grade 12: 26,392

  • Short History

The First Coconut Grove School, built in 1887, served as both the religious and educational center of the pioneer community. In 1889, the building was rented to the School Board for the purpose of servicing children in District #3.

The first teachers at the First Coconut Grove Schoolhouse included C.L. Trapp and Flora McFarlane. The first students in attendance included Annie and Harry Peacock; John, James, Trinni, and Mary Pent; and Lillian, Grace, Charlie, and Joseph Frow.

The First Coconut Grove Schoolhouse is a one-story, one-room, rectangular structure with a wood frame and a gable roof covered with shingles. In 1970, the schoolhouse was moved from its original location to its current home on the grounds of the Plymouth Congregational Church, at 3429 Devon Road, Coconut Grove, Florida, 33133.[9] The school was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975

  • Size

In addition to the fact that it was founded in 1885, it is still the largest school district in Florida, the largest in the Southeastern United States, and the third-largest in the United States with a student enrollment of 356,589 as of August 30, 2021.

Administrators of the School

  • Members of the Board

Steve Gallon III – District 1

Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall – District 2

Lucia Baez-Geller – District 3

Roberto J. Alonso – District 4

Danny Espino – District 5 (Vice-Chair)

Mari Tere Rojas – District 6 (Chair)

Mary Blanco – District 7

Monica Colucci – District 8

Luisa Santos – District 9

  • School Superintendents

Rudy Crew (2004-2008)

Alberto M. Carvalho (2008–2022)

José L. Dotres (2022–present)

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