Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Dreams

The spiritual meaning of cats in dreams does not only evolve from a particular background or body of beliefs. As far as cats are concerned, there are various stereotypical opinions that surround their being. To some, they are spiritual naïve animals that can be incarnated by demons, while some believe that they are evil agents themselves which stand capable of wreaking havoc.

Others have it proven that cats belong to the family of lions and tigers among many other carnivorous animals that feed on flesh. However, the social functions of cats remain that they are commonly kept as house pets, but can also be farm cats or feral cats; the feral cat ranges freely and avoids human contact.

Another baseline is that domestic cats are valued by humans for companionship and their ability to kill rodents.

Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Dreams

Having looked into the bifurcated nature of cats in terms of its origin and its social function, we shall be trying to look into the spiritual meaning of cats in dreams. That is, what are the significance or interpretations of cats when they are seen in the dream while we sleep. Here are some of the meanings you may be looking out for:

1. Giving or Getting Another Chance

In dreams, cats signify a second chance to win over a situation or survive a particular difficulty. When you dream of cats, it tells you to trust your intuitions and inner power. You will always get a second chance to overcome your difficulties and live a fulfilled life.

2. Cheating Friend or Partner in Your Life

Cat symbolism in dreams can also have a negative meaning. There may be dishonest people in your life who are trying to harm you. So, these dreams are a wake-up call to remain focused and cautious about your interaction with others. You are reminded of an impending harm and deceit that can get into your life anytime.

3. About to Grow Loving and Productive Network

Spiritually, seeing these cats during sleep, just as in the physical, symbolize the importance of love, care, and affection in one’s life. These feline creatures remind you to share the golden moments of life with your loved ones. You are reminded to grow your social network and develop your social skills, communication, and interaction with your fellow beings.

Growing affection is one of the very significant spiritual interpretation that may follow dreams of cats.

4. The Possibility of Getting Freedom to Choose

When your thoughts are not influenced by the whims and wishes of others, you become a good decision maker. You become more capable of accepting your life as it is. Cats are independent in nature and when you dream about cats, it reminds you to stay strong and powerful from within; to embark on a journey with free will and independent thoughts.

5. Good Fortune Coming Your Way

In certain dream themes, cats are symbolic of good luck and fortune. The dream tells you to try out new things in life, as you are bound to get lucky. With time, your hard work will be paid off. Little risk taking and venturing out in doing novel things can bring success and help in accomplishing goals.

6. Increase in Your Creative Power

Apart from the fact that seeing cats in dreams may signify or portray good luck or fortune, it also is a sign of you getting a spiritual boost to do more and perform better in your daily endeavors as concern your growth.  It may also be that you have some project on which you hope to exert so much creative energy or that you are yet to come to grips of excelling or discovering how to go about it, this dream is a positive sign of greatness and the achievement of it.

Other Interpretations of Dreams about Cats are:

Surrounded by Cats

If you dreamed of being surrounded by many cats, that dream is not a good sign, often indicating someone’s betrayal or deceit. This dream often points out to some people from your close surroundings which are not your true friends and have something against you, although you might not be aware of that.

Attacking Cats or Cats Attacking You

If you dreamed of being attacked by a cat, that dream is not a good sign, often indicating that you are surrounded by people who are your enemies and are able to ruin you easily.

Seeing an Aggressive Cats

If you saw an aggressive cat in a dream, that dream often indicates that you are not capable to accept the circumstances you are in. In some cases, this dream points out that you are your worst enemy, giving up on your goals because you convince yourself that they are impossible to achieve, without even trying to accomplish them.

A Cat Biting You

If you dreamed of a cat biting you, that dream is often a message about your character. It often reveals your greedy and selfish nature. You could be a person who is only taking from others and never giving back anything. You could also be a person prone to overreact if things aren’t as you have imagined them to be.

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