Thesis Statement Writing Explained by Nancie Atwell,

Many students may perceive the thesis statement as the component of the essay that’s most difficult to write; however, an effective thesis statement can make it much easier to write the rest of the essay. A thesis statement should explain, analyze or argue conclusions. It’s a persuasive statement about the student’s theory on the topic, using adequate evidence as support.

Write the Topics of Interest for the Thesis Statement

Pondering issues and life experiences that you are passionate about and relating them to an academic topic is a crucial step in crafting a compelling thesis. However, if you’re struggling to articulate your thoughts or don’t have enough time, you might consider the option to buy  thesis paper. Professional thesis writing services are always here for you.

If a topic was provided for your thesis, think about some aspects of the topic that are intriguing or interesting. The more interesting the topic, the more articulate you’ll be within the thesis statement for the essay. This approach will not only make your thesis more engaging but also ensure that you’re invested in the subject.

Example: Imagine that you have an assignment to write an essay about Matthew Arnold and The Victorian Age. List interesting topics about Matthew Arnold and The Victorian Age. Perhaps you have a deep passion for history and therefore, you’re familiar with the complex culture during this period or there is a poem by Matthew Arnold that you enjoy such as Stanzas from The Grande Chartreuse.

Do Preliminary Research to Obtain Background Information

Preliminary research will narrow focus and provide a pathway to writing a thesis statement. Remain open-minded while performing research. For light research, begin online and for more depth reading check out books and journals. If a school or library database, such as Academic Search Premier, is available, take advantage of those resources. Use research from creditable sources such as peer-reviewed journals and books written by experts in the field.

Example: To begin writing a thesis statement, start by researching information about the Victorian Age to gain specifics about the culture and how it relates to Matthew Arnold. Perhaps after the research, it was determined that science and religion are predominant issues during this Age and that Matthew Arnold expressed his strong views in poems such as Stanzas from The Grande Chartreuse.

Identify the Issues You Would Like to Argue, Analyze or Explain

While reading the preliminary research, write down questions that will be answered in the essay. Decide on the relevant knowledge to impart to the readers and the information that should be revealed. Then, gather the facts and events that can be used to provide evidence to enhance the thesis statement for the essay. Keep the topic in mind and the class that the essay was assigned. It’s important to maintain the correct tone while speaking to the appropriate audience.

Example: Your questions could include: What was Matthew Arnold trying to say in Stanzas from The Grande Chartreuse? How did the issues of science and religion influence Matthew Arnold? How did people during the Victorian Age feel about science and religion? While the Victorian Age was researched and you took notes while on Stanzas from The Grande Chartreuse, you identified interesting lines in the poem that served to answer questions posed in the writing. While a historical angle was appealing, this assignment is for a literature class, so you opt to write a thesis statement that focuses on the poem and the author.

Create a Purpose for the Essay

Declaring a purpose for an essay enables the writer to structure a thesis statement around this mission. The essay’s direction should be envisioned at the very beginning of the process. Then, outline a thesis statement for the essay that leads to the conclusion.

Example: You’ve gathered evidence about The Victorian Age, Stanzas from The Grande Chartreuse, and Matthew Arnold. You’ve decided that you want your essay to discuss how science challenged religion and the reflection of this conflict in Matthew Arnold’s literature. A brief outline of the thesis statement is created using your research: development of science; society’s and Matthew Arnold’s inner conflict with science and faith; and defining the true meaning of progress

Develop a Thesis Statement Draft

Generate a draft thesis statement that answers questions without providing erroneous details. A thesis statement should give the reader a precise overview of the essay and the main point. Think about points that could be argued against the thesis statement and determine if there’s sufficient evidence.

Example of Thesis Statement: You begin writing a thesis statement; Matthew Arnold uses Stanzas from the Grand Chartreuse to express his inner conflict with science and faith and whether science or religion is the true meaning of progress due to the continued development of science. You have enough evidence to prove this thesis statement, but the thesis statement seems slightly hard to understand.

Proofread and Edit the Thesis Statement

Students should read their thesis statement out loud to see if the argument needs to be revised or restructured. The thesis should complement the topic, assignment, supporting evidence, essay mission, and research. Don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, while doing a poetry analysis, a student may realize that a theme or symbolism was misinterpreted.

Example of Thesis Statement: “In Stanzas from the Grand Chartreuse, Matthew Arnold explores the harsh transitional period the Victorian age experiences due to the expansive development of science, the inner conflict with science and faith, and whether science or religion is the true meaning of progress.”

Review the Thesis Statement and Essay

After writing the essay, compare it to the thesis statement to see if the evidence truly matches the body of the essay. A good thesis statement should lead the reader to a conclusion without deviating from the topic.

Effective thesis statements provide a blueprint for the writer and the readers. Many students develop writer’s block and become confounded about how to write a thesis statement. However, with practice and patience, writing thesis statements becomes easier and more exciting.

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