4 Tips For Student Athletes To Improve Marathon Performance

Tips For Student Athletes To Improve Marathon Performance – Running a marathon can be thrilling. Runners like Haile Gebrselassie and Dennis Kipruto Kimetto are highly respected for their resilience and enduring mentality. 

Of course, punters keenly watch out for them in top competitions like the World Athletics Championships Marathon. Indeed, top bookmakers like Bet9ja–still accessible via the old bet9ja mobile app–provide fascinating odds on such fixtures.

Admittedly, long-distance running can be exhausting, especially for student-athletes. This guide curates valuable tips to improve your marathon performance.

Plan, Practice, and Track your progress

Marathon requires an adequate plan and constant practice. You’ll need to plan ahead, mapping out your goals and how your practice will take place. Remember your training can take months, and be aware of the sacrifices you will make.

During your training, ensure you get a set of kits (running shoes, timer, etc.) that are durable enough to last the training and the race day at least. Also, remember to start slowly, strive to run at the pace you plan for the race, and keep track of your growth. You can time yourself while training and download an application to schedule and help track your training. 

In addition, it is vital to train your mind at the preparation stage. It will help you build your endurance but remember to start easy. Also, ensure you avoid injury during your training.

Take Nutrition Seriously

It is crucial to invest in healthy nutrition and create an excellent routine before your race. Since you’re going on long-distance racing, your body system needs all forms of fuel available.

You must familiarize your body with the necessary energy foods you’ll likely try on your race day. Remember not to try anything new on race day to avoid adverse reactions from your body system.

In addition, establish a routine that aligns with your race plans. Aside from eating what you’ll eat during the race in advance, schedule your wake-up time to when you would love to wake up on race day. This will help your body system acquaint itself with what you might do on the marathon day.

Treat it like a long race and stick with what you know

Another essential tip for winning a marathon race is to treat it as another race day. Don’t let anything weigh you down, either physically or mentally. Set your eyes on the reward and stay focused before and through the race.

Also, ensure you stick with what you know on the marathon day. This cuts across your running shoes, shirts, shorts, nutrition, etc. Do not add anything besides what you’ve trained with and have familiarized your body with.

That’s why you must invest in quality kits and form a good routine in your training weeks. Dress light and do away with whatever will make you run slower; remember, you’re running for miles.

Run at a steady pace

Resist the urge to go faster at the beginning of your marathon race. It’s advisable to start and maintain an even pace during your marathon race. This will not only ensure efficient energy usage but also slow down your body’s fatigue.

Since you’re running for miles, only run for yourself and don’t be tempted to go fast like most people at the beginning; that won’t last. Your patient will later pay off when they get tired, and you overtake them.

However, you can increase your speed when the finish line is on site. It will help you run past those ahead and also save time as you successfully finish your race.


To complete a Marathon race, you’ll need both your mental and physical strength. Proper preparation, healthy nutrition, and running at an even pace can also increase your chances of winning a long-distance race. 

Also, toward the end of the race, you’ll need the will to keep going when fatigue sets in. It will help if you stay prepared for when the race gets hard. 

Remember, marathons will go on for hours, and your endurance will be tested. For instance, your lungs might burn, your legs might ache or get heavier, and you may consider quitting at a point.

However, don’t give in. Ensure you devise a way to push through and overcome it. You can motivate yourself with your training achievements, set your mind on the prize and keep pushing. Remember you’re allowed to walk, and the cheering crowds are also on your side.

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