Top 10 Cryptos you Should Buy in 2022 According to Reddit.

Top 10 cryptos you should buy in 2022 According to Reddit- Last year was excellent for the crypto market and that is no doubt about it. There was a rapid growth in the price of almost all cryptocurrencies. If you take a look at Bitcoin, you can say that its price almost doubled in the past two years. It did fall after that, but this cryptocurrency has been managing to maintain a good price.

Those who invested in this cryptocurrency were able to make huge profits even with these ups and downs in the price. On the other hand, if you look at the other cryptocurrencies, will be able to notice a similar pattern with them as well. You can go to  Bitcoin Code for more 

Not just the last year, but it is predicted that even 2022 is going to be a good year for crypto investors. Inflation hedges are going to play a very important role for those who wish to invest in cryptocurrency and make profits. When you can assess this rate, then you will be able to manage the risk levels.

Top 10 Cryptos you Should Buy in 2022 According to Reddit.

Based on the present trend of how people are investing, and all other factors, Reddit has come up with the top 10 cryptos where you can invest in 2022. 

1. Webcoin.

The first crypto on our list is Webcoin. It is part of the webcoin platform. Most people use this cryptocurrency as an exchange for some services on the internet. Another common use of this coin is digital marketing. In just one day, it is said to have increased by 60 percent on its current value. It has very good feedback on Reddit. 

2. Everest.

Everest is another Ethereum-based cryptocurrency and offers a lot of benefits to investors. You can enjoy seamless value transfer, device-free verification, and also energy efficiency with it. The market cap is around $43 million and is a hard coin to trade. 

3. Stellar.

The next coin that we have on our list is Stellar. Whenever you wish to exchange your money with another currency, then this is a perfect option. You can easily convert the fiat currency into coins and then exchange it. The market cap of this coin is around $6.4 billion. It is also believed that it is going to partner with the banks, according to Reddit. 

4. Solana.

Here is another competitor for Ethereum, Solana. Whenever compared to Ethereum, it is quite cheaper and faster as well. After the announcement by Melania Trump, the first lady of the US that she will use Solana Platform for launching a new NFT, the popularity of this coin has increased. It is also considered to increase further. 

5. Harmony.

This coin Harmony has increased its price by almost 5600% in just one year. It has gained a lot of popularity during this time. The total market cap of this particular coin is $4 billion. The volume of this coin just doubled in no time. 

6. Polygon

Polygon is another good coin to consider for investing, in 2022 according to Reddit. It is among the top 15 cryptocurrencies that have high market capital. Ethereum network uses this coin for reducing the cost of transactions and speed as well. 

7. Ripple. 

If you are looking for another good option, then check out Ripple. It is one of the safest options for crypto investments. It charges a very small fee for transactions and hence many crypto experts back this coin.

8. Polkadot

Many of us are familiar with the name Polkadot and is a very good investment for crypto traders. The network that is used by the operators makes it one of the safest options for investments. 

9. Fantom

Fantom is one of the best and cheapest alternatives for Ethereum. The total supply of this coin has been restricted to 3 billion, out of which 2.5 is already in use. It has become popular in just no time and will help you make good money. 

10. Loopring

Loopring is the last option on our list and is launched by a software engineer from Google. For trading Loopring coins, the Ethereum blockchain is used. It is going to get very popular in just no time, according to Reddit. 

So, these were the top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in, in 2022, according to Reddit. Start investing today to make good profits by end of the year. 

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