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Ways philosophy and Literature Can Achieve its Role in a Society in Transition

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Ways philosophy and Literature Can Achieve its Role

Ways philosophy and Literature Can Achieve its Role in a Society in Transition

How then can philosophy and literature achieve its role better in a society in transition, especially ours? They can achieve their roles in a society through the following ways:

Medium of Communication

Philosophers and literary artists can achieve its role through a medium of communication  available to all citizens by translating their works into different languages so that everybody can have access to their ideas; even when the work is in English, the language should be used in such  a way that it will bring out the Nigerian message for a Nigerian audience.

Awareness Campaigns

Philosophers and literary artists should embark on awareness campaigns to reach out to people  and sell them their ideas. Public speaking, even in market places, should be encouraged. Workshops could also be organized in villages to intimate them about  the particular state of  things and how they can make a difference.

Above all, the affinity between the philosopher and literary artist should be reinforced. Both disciplines should also be blended to create entertaining works of literature with clear and well thought-out meanings that would affect not only a reader but also a listener since both disciplines complement each other. It is our belief that if these suggestions are adhered to, to the letter, the transition towards an ideal society which Nigeria (and, indeed, Africa) craves for will  be  a reality.



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