5 Ways to Make Extra Income During the Summer

Ways to Make Extra Income During the Summer – According to the U.S. Department of Education, many college students split their time between school and work. As of 2020, roughly 40% of full-time students held jobs, while about 74% of part-time students were employed.

It’s not unusual for parents to cover at least a portion of tuition and living expenses while students earn a degree, but it may not be enough, or you may want some money of your own. Some students are doing it all on their own, and working helps keep down the cost of student loans or pay for expenses not covered by loans.

Whether you take summers off or simply take fewer credits during this light semester, you might find yourself with extra time you could use to earn some major ducats. What are some great ways to boost income during the summer? The following are the 5 ways to make extra income during the summer:

1. Food Service

Food service positions are ideal for college students for several reasons, starting with the fact that these establishments tend to offer flexible scheduling. This allows many students greater opportunities to work while taking partial or full class loads. During the summer, you can pick up extra hours.

Whether you’re a barista or bartender or work in a restaurant as a host, server, line cook, or dishwasher, you can get the hours you want and earn extra money with tips, especially if you’re in a fast-paced or high-end establishment. You might also get free or discounted meals that help curb monthly expenses.

Naturally, this is also a great choice for anyone interested in a career in the hospitality or food service industries. As a bonus, food service jobs tend to be social, so you could make new friends at work.

2. Child or Pet Care

Whether you babysit for kids who are also out of school for the summer, care for pets while families are on vacation, or walk dogs for people when they’re at work, you can make a pretty penny for a job that’s bound to be less stressful than the typical service industry job.

If you find working with the general public difficult or scheduling is an issue with other job types, you may appreciate the chance to work with select clients and take only the jobs that suit you. 

Dog walking can be a particularly fun summer job, as you can take on a number of clients, get outdoors to exercise and enjoy the weather, and get paid to play with dogs all day.

3. Outdoor Jobs

Summer opens the door to various jobs that might not be available during other seasons, particularly outdoor jobs. If you’re a strong swimmer, you might want to undergo lifeguard training and certification to spend your days poolside, keeping swimmers safe.

You could become a counselor for area summer camps and help kids have fun and exciting experiences in nature. Guide jobs are also great for enthusiastic college students, whether you love hiking, rafting, climbing, or other activities you feel confident leading.

4. Campus Jobs

Plenty of students elect to take the summer off from classes, but some stick around for summer courses to catch up or speed toward graduation at an accelerated pace. Generally, services on campus are reduced during this time, but positions are still available for students seeking work.

You may be able to extend your regular on-campus job through the summer, or you might have to look for something temporary between the spring and fall semesters. For many students, this is an attractive option for part-time work during any semester.

5. Paid Internships

When it comes to internships, you may have opportunities for both paid and unpaid gigs. While unpaid internships pay you in experience and college credit, paid internships also add money to the equation.

Either way, you’ll get a new entry on your resume, hopefully one that feeds into your chosen degree or career path. However, you will have to check policies regarding school credit, as each school has its own criteria for what type of work experience qualifies for college credit.

Find the Best Summer Job for You

With so many options to explore, including food service, child and pet care, campus jobs, paid internships, and a wealth of outdoor occupations, every student can find appealing opportunities to make some extra cash during the summer months.

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