5 Ways to Make Money Through Mobile App

Be you a student or just an individual with or without designation, it is important that you have information on the 5 ways to make money through mobile app. In this modern tech-times, people no longer engage in drudgery to make ends meet, at least not usually or as rampant as before the advent of technology.

It is not news again to admit that people now make money through their internet-enabled mobile phones, laptops and other related gadgets with similar functions. Making money in this economically viable times is almost an easy one. This is because of the mobile phones are able to contain several cash-inducing apps that now allow users to run business transactions which, by virtue of their skill set, is capable of fetching them fortune.

Apps That You Can Make Money From Your Smartphone

  • Pawns.app 

This is a new money-making app that allows anyone to earn money by completing surveys or sharing their internet. The surveys usually only take a few minutes and pay up to $2 each, so you can make money whenever you have a few minutes free!

  • Foap

This is an app that works very well on both iOS and Android operating systems. It centers only on photography, photos are uploaded and sold on the Foap Market, where businesses and individuals may choose to buy your photos if they are of good quality and very clear. The good part of this app is that each photo can sell an unlimited amount of times, and there is no limit to how many photos you can upload on the site.

  • SwagBucks

This app rewards you for Internet searches and when you earn enough money, you can exchange it for real money that gets transferred into your PayPal account. You can also earn money on Swagbucks through surveys and watching adverts.

  • Locket

This app pays you to unlock your smartphone. The application places paid advertisements on your lock screen and when you turn your phone on, you swipe one direction to look at the advertisement and at another to access your phone. An algorithm tracker is placed there to track how many adverts you view during the day and rewards you based on the number of times you viewed the adverts.

  • Receipt Hog

It is a smartphone app for iOS and Android operating system devices that collects data regarding spending habits by analyzing the information found on uploaded receipts. It could be a receipt from a gas station, a grocery store, a department store, a convenience store or a restaurant. When you upload a receipt, the app rewards you virtual coins which you can turn the coins into cash and transfer the money to your PayPal account.

  • Easy Shift

Various companies make use of this app to find out how their products are selling at retail outlets. All you need to do is to use your phone to scan bar codes and enter the price that the product is being sold for.

  • My Likes

This is a great money-making app you need on your smartphone. This app allows you to participate in various advertising campaigns and rewards you money for likes and shares of the posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. People with large followers can make a large amount of money with the My Likes app.

5 Ways to Make Money Through Mobile App

It is following this backdrop that you will be introduced to the very viable 5 ways to make money through mobile app which are highlighted below for your digestion and use:

1. By Taking Online Surveys

One of the best 5 ways to make money through mobile app is to get paid to answer surveys. There are thousands of survey companies that pay people to take surveys about things like health care, home insurance, and any other types of products that you might be interested in.

There are also many surveys that are given by different companies that are just trying to market their product or service. Thus, you’ll always have a great opportunity to make money since there are many companies utilizing paid online surveys.

The good thing about taking surveys is that it’s really easy to do. All you need to do is go online and you can find plenty of sites that offer surveys that’ll pay you to complete them. Most of these sites will pay you via PayPal or let you pick any gift card of your choice as compensation for your time.

2. Make YouTube videos

As one of the 5 ways to make money through mobile app on your phone or laptop, YouTube is a popular platform for content creators to publish videos, grow an audience and make money. You can either make short skits for fun, online tutorial classes on how to make a cake, tie gele, make a simple dress and so on. All you need is a YouTube channel where you can post your videos, get people to subscribe to your channel and keep them engaged. It is a reliable source of making money just with your smartphone.

3. By Watching Video Ads 

There are many companies out there that are willing to pay you to sit with your phone and earn money by watching video ads. The first thing that you need to do is go to Google and type in the words ‘smartphone marketing.’ Most of the websites that you’ll see have been created by marketers.

What they do is place ads on apps, allowing people to view what the advertiser has to say about the product. If they can get this type of traffic, then there’s a good chance that someone will purchase that particular product. This will result in a commission for the person who was the lead for that product. So, even if you were not the person who set up the website, you could make money using your smartphone by watching these video advertisements.

4. By Downloading Financially Rewarding Games App

In your search to make money using your smartphone, you’ll find there are many apps that pay you to play games in your free time. This is possible because game and app developers hire companies and then pay them to find players for their new games to give them feedback. Then, the company goes out to find players and pay them a small percentage to play the game.

This is no doubt a useful way out of the 5 ways to make money through mobile app on your phone because you’re sure to be entertained and it’s extremely easy to do.

5. By Securing Cashback On Purchases

Another great one of the 5 ways to make money through mobile app is to use your receipts to get cashback and gift cards on the purchases you already make. There are many apps out there that partner with the nation’s biggest retailers to give you cashback on your purchases.

All you have to do is look for these apps, scan your receipt from recent purchases, then the app will tell you how much cash back you can get. You can keep that money in your account and let it add up before you transfer it to your bank. Another option is to use those cashback points to buy gift cards.

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