Types of Businesses You Can Use Phone to Run.

Let it not be kind of astonishing for you to learn that you have access to types of businesses you can use phone to run independently without having to worry helter-skelter in this modern age of constant technological advancement. The days are far gone when individuals only run physical businesses manually. And this majorly comes with major physical stress of different kinds, such as financial, social, infrastructural, and mental stress. Well, today, there is nothing more to worry about, because, given the influx of technological innovations and all, starting a lucrative businesses is now made easy.


Types of Businesses You Can Use Phone to Run.

Tons of expensive equipment to start a business are not necessarily needed before you make a lot of money. Today’s smartphones are so equipped and have diverse features that you and I can actually use as main tools for running meaningfully engaged lifestyles. Starting a business from home without putting a lot of investment into physical structures and equipment apatrt from your phone and data is very easy. Below are the types of businesses you can use phone to run:

1. Online Consultancy

If you have expertise in a particular area, you can share that expertise with others right from your smartphone by working as a consultant. You can communicate with potential clients via email and then set up phone calls or even use the Zoom or Skype mobile app to set up video conferences with clients in order to give them counsel or pieces of usable advice on the particular subject you represent professionally.

2. Developing Apps

Developing Apps is one of the types of businesses you can use phone to run online and make very huge profits without dissipating much energy other than your intellectual smartness. Mobile apps have become incredibly popular. So it’s an increasingly popular business idea as well. From your own phone, you can build and test mobile apps for your own venture and sell them for a profit, or you can even contract with other companies to create apps for them. One big example is the creation of chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs that use artificial intelligence to mimic human conversations. This technology has many potential business applications. And you can actually work to develop some of those solutions from your phones and then sell them to businesses and clients. As so, you tend to make cool fat cash.

3. Social Media Influencer and Marketer

If you want to start a social media business from your smartphone, you can offer to post content for business clients on their accounts. Or you can become an influencer and work with brands to spread the word about their offerings on your accounts. Social media platforms and apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more offer plenty of new and unique opportunities for marketers and influencers the same. This is one of the types of businesses you can use phone to run.

4. Tech Support Online Services

Tech savvy entrepreneurs, you can offer your expertise to clients needing tech support for a set fee or hourly rate. You can have customers contact you with queries and then respond to them via email, phone or Skype with solutions or any further questions you might have to help solve their tech related issues.

5. Teaching

The world we live in now requires one to be smarter than before. To not be technologically savvy means a lot of things. One of these is having no knowledge about Android operations or the use of internet, especially the social media platforms. There are countless online training programs available for teachers to maximize their skills and thereby get a reliable certificate that will eventually place them on the platform to be able to make big money when they teach international students online. Certainly, this too is one of the types of businesses you can use phone to run without the stress of having to meet them face-to-face.

6. Online Entrepreneurship

As the last of all the types of businesses you can use phone to run online, online entrepreneurship or commerce trader has become more popular and more profitable and easier enterprise for many who are aware of it. Because more and more consumers are shopping from their phones, it gives room for sales at ease. All you need to do is to just sell what is buyable.

With this, you can set up mobile shops right from your phone. Doing so will actually give you a better idea of how your shop will look to potential mobile customers so you can make sure the shopping experience is compatible with popular mobile devices. Or you could even use mobile apps for popular online retail sites like Jumia and Konga to sell your products.

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