List of Profitable Business Opportunities in Senegal [Updated]

List of Profitable Business Opportunities in Senegal [Updated]

Business Opportunities in Senegal have so far proven economically accessible to individuals who are smart enough to see the need for the creation of employment and the development of living standards as viable efforts.

List of Profitable Business Opportunities in Senegal [Updated]

Senegal is endowed with a very diversified economy, which is generally determined by a large dependence on imports with a low rate of exports and a rather narrow domestic market. Nowadays, more than 60% of its population works in agriculture, which is only contributing less than 17% to GDP. Dakar, like most other West African capitals, is submerged by traders in the informal sector, which strongly dominates the labor market.

Senegal’s economic growth has been clearly improved since 2016, despite a steady decline and stagnation in the previous years. Although the country has not always been very popular in terms of investment, thanks to the political stability that has lasted for decades, it is still much more attractive for numerous foreign investors and profitable business opportunities.

List of Profitable Business Opportunities in Senegal [Updated]

Below are the list of profitable business opportunities in Senegal that you can find and will never regret taking them:

A. Real Estate Brokering

The profits associated with real estate remain high and if you want to enter this industry one of the most cost-effective ways to do so is to set up a real estate brokering firm.

Real estate brokers act as an intermediary between sellers and buyers and all you need to get started is a brokerage license. That said, finding your own clients can be challenging, given the number of real estate brokers there are.

B. Warehouse Storage

Got a spare garage or building that’s not being used? If so, you may want to think about offering warehouse storage services. Providing a place for businesses and individuals to store goods and items can provide a highly profitable and predominantly passive income.

Though it must be said, this profitable business opportunity in Senegal is flouring but it may not be exactly stimulating and therefore not for everyone! It makes the list of profitable business opportunities in Senegal because of its feasibility.

C. Technology Repair Services

Got a good eye for technology and how it works? If so, setting up your own technology repair business could see you in high demand as the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology.

Repairing people’s much-loved gadgets can pay well and, without much overhead, can prove to be one of the most profitable business opportunities in Senegal. Naturally, those without a knack for technology will want to steer clear!

D. Information Technology [IT] Support

As we become more reliant on IT to run businesses and go about our daily lives, those who offer IT help and support are extremely sought-after. Quality IT support technicians can charge a decent rate for their skills and don’t require too much overhead or equipment to run their businesses. However, IT support is a competitive industry, so you’ll need to efficiently market your services to get noticed.

E. Marketing Services

Businesses and organizations will always want a quality marketing team behind them to boost brand awareness and bring them results. Marketing agencies can charge a lot for their services and thanks to advancing remote technology and the internet, marketing efforts can be done remotely, keeping overhead low and profits high.

Still, it must be said, marketing agencies are highly competitive and in order to be a success, you’ll have to show you can deliver results.

F. Personal Training

Those who want to be fitter, slimmer and healthier, insure there will always be demand for personal trainers (PTs). Earning a qualification in personal training is not overly expensive and once you’re professionally qualified, you can offer your PT services. Overhead is inherently low in this industry, making personal training a profitable and sought-after business.

One of the biggest challenges PTs face is building up a network of clients in a competitive environment.

G. Food Truck

Providing quality food and drink will always be in high demand, though with expensive overhead, running a restaurant isn’t always as profitable as you might think. Serving food from a food truck, on the other hand, requires much lower overhead and can be an extremely profitable business venture. The downside is you have to work out of a van day in, day out, which isn’t everyone’s idea of a rewarding business.

H. Legal Services

Quality legal advice and support come at a price and therefore those with legal knowledge can earn a tidy sum for their expertise. That said, becoming qualified to provide legal advice takes time and money and the amount of training and education required to be able to offer legal services can put many people off.

I. Haulage Services

Got a van and some spare time? Well you’ve got one of your profitable business opportunities in Senegal already mapped out! With virtually no expenses other than keeping your van roadworthy, helping people move and deliver items in your van can be an effective way to earn an income massively in the country.

The downside? Like every other business, there’s a lot of competition around. Therefore, make sure your delivery services stand out.

J. Gardening

Gardening is healthy and fulfilling work requiring an element of creativity. People love their gardens and so decent gardeners will always be in demand. Although gardeners require several tools for their trade, overhead is comparatively low, making gardening a profitable business. Though again, to ensure you get the work, you may have to spend some money on advertising your services.

Whichever profitable business you decide to pursue, make sure that it’s a business idea that you believe can solve a specific problem.

K. Business Consulting

Businesses are willing to invest in quality business consultants who can help them achieve the results they are looking for. They’re also willing to pay hefty amounts for the right advice, which, tied in with low overhead, makes business consulting a profitable business to embark on.

Of course, effective business consultants do require sound business acumen and knowledge, so this isn’t necessarily the right opportunity for everyone.

L. Online Tutoring

You might be a math genius, a native Spanish speaker or a nifty guitar player. Whatever your talent, offering to tutor online can be a great way to earn an income with exceptionally low expenses.

However, you need to have a professional skill from which others will want to learn!

M. Commercial Farming

Costs are constantly high for imported food products in Senegal, so the government is trying to reduce this dependence by attracting the private sector investment with many agricultural opportunities. This is a good one for anyone who can get land and engage in some large scale farming which at the end of the day will yield consumable farm produce.

N. WiFi Internet Business

Can you imagine this world without the Internet?

If you can provide Internet connection at fair prices, throw in the occasional offer, and advertise smartly you could earn plenty of money.

O. Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping

Without needing fancy premises or expensive equipment, tax preparation and bookkeeping services come with low overheads. Furthermore, the standard rate for quality tax preparers and bookkeepers is a decent salary to live on.

That said, if you’re not good with numbers, preparing people’s tax and keeping their finances up-to-date, won’t be the business for you.


Some businesses are inherently more profitable than others. This can be due to expenses and overhead being low or the business charging a lot for its services or products. Still, all businesses, no matter how profitable they are, can be a challenge getting started.

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