Ways to Slash Your Tax Bill Right Now

Taxpayers are increasingly asking their colleagues how to reduce the taxes owed to them or how to exempt them from high income taxes.

Not without reason, as the past decade has proven to be one of the toughest times financially for all taxpayers. New additional direct or indirect tax burdens and price increases for all basic needs, regardless of product or service. All of this results in a mathematical increase in overdue debt to governments, both individual and corporate, making the announcement of an agreement a panacea.

Ways to Slash Your Tax Bill Right Now

An unexpected tax bill can ruin business activities. To help avoid that unpleasant surprise, here are some easy ways to slash your tax bill right now.


Many tax software programs include modules that estimate the value of each item donated. So make a list before you leave your large luggage with Goodwill. Large deductions can occur. Charitable donations are deductible and don’t even have to be cash. For example, if you donate clothing, groceries, old sporting goods, or household items, these will be donated to a well-meaning charity, and when you receive a receipt, you can lower your tax bill.

Of course, taxation, especially for the rich, is full of “windows” and “balcony doors”, while for the rest it is strict. It’s no coincidence that multi-billionaire Warren Buffett asked the US government to tax the rich when he discovered he was paying less in taxes than his secretary. Bill Gates joined this position… 

In short, the rich went out of the country and donated to avoid taxes. According to an international survey, 10.3 trillion funds are “hidden” in tax havens. This is 70% higher than the total wealth currently owned by 73.2% of the world’s population. The number of ultra-high net worth individuals is increasing as a result of the apparent inequalities caused by neoliberal globalization, but so is their wealth.

Medical expenses

All taxpayers, regardless of their source of income, are entitled to tax credits for medical expenses as long as they or their dependents bear medical and hospital expenses domestically or abroad and legal requirements are met. there is. Doctor and hospital costs include:

– Fees to doctors of all specialties and medical centers for doctor visits, tests and treatments

– Costs of hospital stays in nursing homes, private clinics, and costs for ongoing coverage of medical needs. A subscription for businesses that offer ongoing health insurance.

– Expenditure on general medical and pharmaceutical products.

– Fees paid to nurses for providing services to patients during their hospital or home stay.

– The cost of replacing a body part with an artificial limb and the cost of purchasing and wearing devices such as hearing aids, glasses, and pacemakers.

– Expenditure on hospital treatment and tuition fees or scholarships at special schools, institutions, or groups for children with disabilities.

Sell bad stocks

Don’t let tax savings be a substitute for smart investments. Sell ​​stocks only if they no longer work for your portfolio. If you decide to buy back your shares within 30 days, the IRS may reverse the deduction, so don’t do this just to reduce taxes. Losses on stock sales can be deducted and taxable capital gains can be offset.  

Finance your FSA

This money must be used for medical and dental expenses during the calendar year, but can also be used for related household items such as bandages, pregnancy test kits, breast pumps, and acupuncture. Some employers may allow money to be carried forward to the next year. The IRS allows you to pour tax-free dollars directly into the FSA each year from your paycheck. So if your employer offers a flexible spending account, you can use it to lower your taxes.

Build your Health Savings Account

Contributions to HSA are tax-deductible and payments are tax-free as long as they are used for eligible medical expenses. If you have health insurance with a high deductible, you may be able to reduce your tax burden by paying into a health savings account, a tax-exempt account that you can use to pay your medical bills. If you’re 55 or older, you can add much more money than you used to, to your HAS by reducing paystubs. Your employer may provide you with an HSA, but you can also open your own account with a bank or other financial institution.


We’re not talking about Netflix or Spotify here. However, you may be able to claim tax relief on union dues, professional dues, and trade magazine subscriptions that you really need to get your job done. Lifetime membership subscriptions are not included and must be paid for by you.

Side hustling helps in tax bill

You can choose to charge your actual expenses as normal or set off his £2,000 non-taxable amount against your income. In fact, your decision will depend on how much you want to spend in any given year. Couples who pay £20.00 in income tax for both can save up to £800 in taxes. But what if gross wealth income is over £2,000 for him?

Reduction of taxable income due to payment of insurance premiums for purchase of insurance time

Insurance contributions paid by employees to compulsory insurance organizations to buy up insurance time (e.g. military service time) reduce taxable income from employment. That is, they are deducted from their taxable income. To ensure this reduction, each employee must enter the amount of contributions he paid for redemption. These contributions are proven on the basis of the relevant certificates or receipts that must have been issued by the insurance organizations and that the taxpayers must have at their disposal in order to present them, if necessary, to the Tax Administration. In these cases, the VAT number of the insurance company to which the contributions were paid must be declared.

Benefits for married

Another benefit for couples. If you own the stock, you can split the dividend between the two of her. By not exceeding money tax free dividend quota, you will not have to pay any tax. Dividends above the threshold amount are taxed.

Another way for her to avoid dividend tax is to invest personal savings and stocks in her ISA of stocks and shares. This also protects investment growth from income and capital gains taxes.

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