What Can You Do With a Degree In Philosophy?

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What Can You Do With a Degree In Philosophy?

What Can You Do With a Degree In Philosophy?

What Can You Do With a Degree In Philosophy?…….Often time, the misconception revolving around the study of philosophy is highly discouraging to even think of doing the course for lifetime career.  In our contemporary societies, people misconceive philosophy in diverse of ways. For some people, philosophy is a confused discipline, other opined that those who study philosophy are anti religious people. some says its an abstract subject. But whether you believe it or not, as a human person, you cannot do without philosophy.    Philosophy is the love of Wisdom .Wisdom is the understanding of life. Therefore philosophy is the Love of the understanding of life.Understanding comes from the experience of Knowledge put into practice .Therefore philosophy is the love of the experience of the knowledge put into practice that brings the understanding of life. Life is consciousness in the present moment now.
Therefore philosophy is the love of the experience of the knowledge put into practice that brings the understanding of consciousness in the present moment. This is why H. S. STANILAND  define philosophy as the criticism of the ideas we live by.

When you think of past philosophers, you might picture people meandering on about a topic that is too deep for the majority to understand. And, anyone who thinks that could not be more wrong. Philosophy is not about meandered at all. Philosophy is a field of study where you’ll get encouraged to ask questions, and then work towards answering them. Even if they seem difficult at first.


These are skills you acquire from studying pholosophy.

  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis
  • Argument building
  • Effective communication
  • Advanced research
  • Problem-solving
  • Reconstruction of ideas
  • Logical reasoning
  • moral guidance


These are the areas you can be effective with your philosophy degree

With a degree in philosophy you can work in this areas of life effectively and even more.

Fit for the Public Sector

Philosophers came up with the idea of the state, and developer a large amount of literature on it. They usually talked about how societies can and should be organized, and how the order is supposed to be kept to keep everything right. Additionally, all of our ideas about democracy and society come from one philosopher or the other.

So, when you look at it, it kind of makes perfect sense that a master’s in philosophy would prepare you for a career in the service of the government. The public sector is really very diverse, so you can really pick and choose whatever you want to do. You can work in the main branch of government, in health care, civil society or any other area that you are interested in. This is the sector where you get to apply the ideas you’ve read and discussed while getting your degree.


Ethical authority

In essence, the philosophy degree encompasses teaching about what is right and wrong and the fine line between those two. Students learn how to navigate this gray area and that particular skill makes them truly great judges of character and ethics. That being said, it’s really no wonder that a good career for someone with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy is to become an ethical authority in any kind of institution. This includes:

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Courts
  • Others who need someone to make a decision

At first, you might think that those two have literally nothing in common. But you couldn’t be more wrong! Philosophers are very eager in learning logic and thinking. They learn whether something is true or false, and analyze it deeply. Computers operate on logic and thinking – a statement or a number is either true or false, and a ton of analysis is needed to program it. That’s why some of them who finish the Master’s degree in philosophy tend to go in workplaces with computers and programming. It comes naturally to them. Computers, in essence, are logical and mathematical and philosophers are built to work the same way.

Human resources

Philosophers know how to understand people and their thought processes. As said above, they are very good judges of character and have a very strong ethical background. That’s why a person with a master’s degree in philosophy will make a great person for the job of fitting people into companies.

Law and legal

Essentially, law and legal are made of philosophy. Any kind of institution that works with the law desperately needs in-depth analysis, presentation of arguments and problem-solving. All of these skills are gained once you finish your master’s degree in philosophy. If your main goal is to become a lawyer, then your degree in philosophy will be an immense help to achieve that goal. Interestingly enough, those who have a degree in philosophy have the highest rate of acceptance in law schools. That’s because they have the analytical capability that is required.

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