What is the Arabic Word for Banana

What is the Arabic Word for Banana?

The ubiquitous banana tree is anything but ordinary. Its characteristic, bright green fruit emerges like fingers reaching upwards towards the sky as if desiring to brush the underside of heaven.

And it may just succeed in this pursuit. Bananas are prone to prosper. This prolific plant has spread its fruit to every edge of the globe, becoming a food staple worldwide.

Bananas’ soft, subtle fruit provides powerful sustenance for the young and old alike; the versatility of its leaves can be fashioned for limitless uses, and those blessed to have a banana tree will certainly know good fortune, prosperity, and the blessing of the Divine itself.

Due to their phallic shape, bananas are often used in magical practice to represent “the God and masculine energy”. Since bananas grow upwards facing the heavens, it is believed that they carry energies that can improve human spiritual connection and connection to the divine.

Fresh and dry banana fruits are thus not only a good food but also a good medicine. Holy Quran is one of the reference books describing the importance of banana plants used for different ailments in various verses. There are several verses in Quran talking about the fruits in Paradise, including; banana, olive, pomegranate, grape and fig. What has been mentioned in the Quran is what scientists have achieved over the time, since the Quran is governed by logic. Although we do not know the reasons for many things in the Quran, we consider it as the foundation.

What is the Arabic Word for Banana: The Arabic word for banana is pronounced mawza and written ﻣَﻮﺯَﺓ.

The word “banana” comes from the Arabic word banan and means finger and was given because of the fingerlike fruit.

Therefore, word “banan” derives from the Arabic word meaning “finger.” A single banana is called a finger and attached to other bananas called a “hand.” They are classified as berries and float in water because they are less dense in comparison, and the genetic similarity between a human and a banana is 60%.

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