What Rideshare Accident Victims Should Consider Before Hiring an Attorney

What Rideshare Accident Victims Should Consider – Hiring a reliable attorney for representation following a rideshare accident enables injured passengers to secure the compensation they deserve. The increase in popularity of rideshare applications directly translates to an increase in the number of trips and subsequent increases in the number of collisions involving Lyft and Uber drivers and their passengers. Follow the listed tips before hiring a rideshare accident attorney.

Check for Professionalism

There are numerous cases of accidents each year, and a seasoned personal injury attorney has an easier time navigating through rideshare accident cases. Determine how long your attorney has practiced and confirm their local experience depending on the state you wish to file your claim. An Uber/Lyft accident lawyer with adequate local experience has professional experience that helps strengthen your case in the long run. For instance, they may contact a healthcare professional to prove that the injuries resulted from a rideshare accident. A private investigator, on the other hand, helps gather evidence that identifies the at-fault driver.

Book a Consultation

Plan a consultation appointment with a few attorneys on your list and prepare questions you wish to ask before the meeting. Assess the fee structure, the length of specialty in the niche, recent cases, how often the lawyer wins cases, how much they can win your case, and request to know the legal strategy your lawyer may use to win your case. A reliable lawyer assesses the details of your case and requests medical bills and multiple losses to establish how much they can win a lawsuit for clients. A consultation appointment helps you fill the gaps in your research aside from assisting you in finding an attorney that you’re comfortable around. You should continue researching if they struggle to answer the questions or make you uncomfortable.

Obtain Referrals

Talk to family members and friends who have had rideshare accidents in the past to provide you with the contact information of the Uber/Lyft accident attorney they worked with. Ask every person you contact about their rideshare accident case to educate yourself on the legal process. Their story provides you with a firsthand account to help you narrow down the list of potential lawyers for your case. If you can’t develop a list of reliable lawyers via referrals, you should start researching online for a few local attorneys with positive client reviews. Reviewing the reviews guarantees a trusted law firm with a strong reputation to improve your chances of winning the case.

Find a Winner

Once you narrow down your list of rideshare accident attorneys, request to know about their experience regarding such cases. Determine the number of cases like the one they’ve handled in the past and ask the number of cases they’ve won. Hire a lawyer with a strong case history to improve your chances of securing fair compensation. Request the amount they won for every case and ask the number of cases that proceeded to court and those that were settled outside the court.

Assess the Availability

Contact each personal injury lawyer to establish the number of cases at hand. Ask when they can take your case and if they are struggling with multiple cases to minimize the possibility of delaying your compensation. Confirm the personal injury lawyer won’t hand your case to junior lawyers in their firm. Instead, speak directly with the lawyer who will handle your claim.

Compare Charges

Request to know the personal injury lawyers’ fee structure before the meeting ends. Hire attorneys who work with clients based on contingency fees alone. Compare the fees from multiple lawyers to establish the average while ensuring you limit the possibility of overpaying for services.

Victims of a rideshare accident should avoid hiring an inexperienced attorney. Work with a reputable attorney who will file a successful claim to secure the maximum compensation that you need. Follow the above tips to improve your chances of success in your claim.

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