CLA 209- Academic Writing Purposes PDF | What is Academic and Professional Writing Purposes?

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Are you looking for CLA 209 material,  Academic writing Purposes,  How to write academic writing,  Important of academic writing? You can download the PDF below:

Academic Writing Purposes PDF

Academic writing is important for several reasons:

  • It can be used as an assessment of students’ knowledge.
  • It can be used as proof that a specific experimental result has been obtained (when published).
  • It can be used to help learn new information (you need to understand the new information before you can write about it).
  • It can help to clarify your thoughts and identify any gaps in your knowledge or understanding.

Academic writing is the style of advanced writing that’s used by students at university or college and academics, such as, PhD students, lecturers and researchers. Academic writing is a more advanced style of writing than would be used by children at school.

Academic Writing Purposes PDF

Writing is a skill that is required in many contexts throughout our life. As this course material is about academic writing, our concern should be on how to improve our skills to succeed academically. However, we should know that academic writing is different from other forms of writing. It is a special genre of writing that prescribes its own set of rules and practices. Mastery of those rules and practices becomes inevitable for any student who looks forward to a successful career after school as life becomes more formal and communication more written as one climbs higher on the career ladder. This course is designed to expose you to the basic structure of academic writing, its rules and conventions and to provide you with a practical guide for academic writing.

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