Top Good Apps to Practice SAT Test Writing

Along with preparation for a cross-national resting facility like SAT, candidates with strong desire to pass must have a good knowledge of some of the top good apps to practice SAT test writing.

SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. It is typically taken by high school juniors and seniors. The College Board states that the SAT is intended to measure literacy, numeracy and writing skills that are needed for academic success in college.

It is also stated that the SAT assesses how well the test-takers analyze and solve problems—skills they learned in school that they will need in college. However, the College Board claims that the SAT, in combination with high school grade point average (GPA), provides a better indicator of success in college than high school grades alone, as measured by college freshman GPA.

Best SAT Apps

As a diligent student with smart understanding of how the world presently runs technologically, you should understand that there are channels to explore in order to achieve that expected excellence. Below are top good apps to practice SAT test writing:

  • Princeton Review’s SAT Vocab Challenge

Another vocabulary-specific tool, this SAT study app will help you master your use of language. Complete with games to test your knowledge of word usage, it was designed using common words found on the SAT exam. It’s only available for iOS but is perfect for students who need to


    1. Helps you focus on the SAT’s critical reading and writing portions.
  • Math Brain Booster Games

Moving away from the all-encompassing apps, let’s focus on numbers. Though many would give up anything to avoid having to do math, engaging some couple of Math brain-booster games makes concepts such as basic math and the heart of algebra approachable.

This app is recommended primarily for quick daily practice, as more complex problems don’t have in-depth explanations with step-by-step instructions. Though many of the problems the app covers are simple arithmetic questions, honing these skills can save a lot of time on the real test when you have to tackle a difficult question that requires a little more brain power.


    1. Training modes and different levels of difficulty
    2. Timed practice
    3. In-app schedule for next session with reminders
    4. Compete with friends and share your progress and points earned
  • Edison Calendar

Though this isn’t really a test prep app, it’s a productivity one that will ensure you’re using your prep apps on a regular basis while juggling your other commitments. Personally, I find it very difficult to study for standardized tests on top of schoolwork and activities, so having a digital planner makes life easier.

Edison Calendar helps break down your overall goals into smaller tasks so that you actually achieve them instead of getting overwhelmed and avoiding them. Goals can be set weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Based on which you choose each day, you’ll have to fulfill a mini-goal that contributes to your overall goal.


    1. Break down goals into subdivisions
    2. Place a time frame on when to complete tasks
    3. Color coding and customizable organization
    4. Clean and minimalistic layout
  • SAT: Practice, Prep, Flashcards

The app is well designed and easy to use; you can pick subjects, practice materials, and even a flashcard deck quickly and easily from the navigation menu. Honestly, the app is just pretty.

In terms of flexibility, the app gives you many different ways to study. Not only does it offer diagnostic and practice tests, but you can also study by concept, choose a pre-made flashcard deck, or just answer the app’s Question of the Day.

Additionally, it’s easy to home in on your weakest categories because the app breaks its content down by test section and subject areas.

The app lets you time your practice so you can see how much time you’re spending on answering different types of questions.

  • iPredict

This SAT study mobile app is a great fit for students who are unsure about how prepared they are. After downloading the tool, you will take an 18-question exam that evaluates how much knowledge you already have and which areas you need to develop.


    1. The app will then provide you with problem-solving strategies for the sections that need the most work.
  • Khan Academy

If there’s one app on this list that you choose to download, let it be this one. Khan Academy offers personalized SAT practice based on the results of your previous SAT, PSAT, and PSAT/NMSQT.

Simply link your College Board account to your Khan Academy account and start practicing. As you complete modules, the app reconfigures your areas of improvement to ensure you’re being challenged. Overall, this app has a clean, organized look that makes SAT prep easy.


    1. Official College Board practice tests
    2. Instructional videos to accompany practice problems and topics
    3. Advice, articles, and test-taking tips/strategies
    4. Optional essay portion: Write a practice essay and receive free feedback for when you have to write the real thing
    5. Study schedule: App asks you to create a practice schedule so you’re practicing enough leading up to your test date
  • Ready4SAT

Developed by the College Board, Ready4SAT provides students with custom practice questions based on a small diagnostic test prior to downloading the app.

Similar to Khan Academy, Ready4SAT also provides video lessons, articles, and testing strategies to make studying more efficient and less stressful. However, some features are not available upon downloading due to necessary in-app purchases.


    1. Custom content review/explanations
    2. Virtual flashcards
    3. Official practice tests
    4. Question of the Day: Exposes you to SAT content on a daily basis without being overwhelming

How to Use SAT Apps

Here are tips on how to use SAT apps in preparation for the test:

  • Taking Mock Tests

A few of the SAT apps offer timed mock tests and diagnostic tests. You can use these apps to simulate the test-taking experience. However, unlike the actual SAT, you’ll be by yourself taking the test on a phone or tablet, so it won’t be an exact simulation.

  • Adding Practice Questions

In your SAT studying, start with official SAT practice tests. The questions on these tests most closely resemble real SAT questions, and the College Board provides explanations for all of them. Use one test to get your baseline score, which will tell you how many points you must get in order to reach your goal score by test day.

  • Improving Your Weaknesses

If you know the types of SAT questions you struggle with, you can use apps to do more questions related to those topics or to get more focused content instruction.

  • Changing Up Your Study Routine

If you’re always studying with the same SAT book or website, you can use an SAT app to alter your normal routine. Changing your routine can energize you and give you additional motivation to study.

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