List of American Universities that Offer Study Abroad

America is one of the world’s most powerful countries if not the most itself, here is a list of American universities that offer study abroad and that you can rest assured trust to deliver the best quality of education which you may never find anywhere else in the world.

Numerous publicly and privately administered colleges and universities offer a wide variety in post-secondary education. Post-secondary education is divided into college, as the first tertiary degree, and graduate school.

Higher education includes public research universities, private liberal arts colleges, historically black colleges and universities, community colleges, for-profit colleges, and many other kinds and combinations of institutions. College enrollment rates in the United States have increased over the long term. At the same time, student loan debt has also risen to $1.5 trillion.

According to a 2016 report published, of the top ten colleges and universities in the world, eight are American. The United States spends more per student on education than any other country.

Universities accredited by U.S. accreditation boards but located in foreign countries are continuing to provide quality educations, competitive degrees, and a cultural experience for far less than what it would cost in the U.S.

No wonder so many American students are enrolling in universities with partner institutions in France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and China. That is also why we went on the hunt for the 30 best American universities located overseas. This includes American universities in Europe and across the globe.

List of American Universities that Offer Study Abroad

Though university education in the United States is getting expensive, yet many high school students home and abroad have started to look at American universities located overseas for a degree abroad. Isn’t this funny? That is why we have garnered a list of American universities that offer study abroad for students across the globe.

American College Dublin

American College Dublin is a private, not-for-profit liberal arts college. This American university abroad is affiliated with Irish American University and is ideal for a degree abroad.

Accredited by the U.S.-based Middle States Commission on Higher Education, American College Dublin is located in Merrion Square. It is situated among a series of Georgian-era homes (one of which was the childhood home of Oscar Wilde).

The college offers eight bachelor’s degrees. Study abroad majors span subjects such as Business, Hospitality Management, and Creative Writing, among others.

Their tuition for each Year is €9,000 (Non-EU), €6,000 (EU).

American University in Dubai

American University in Dubai has been offering an American-style education to UAE nationals, Americans, and other international students since 1995.

Accredited by both the United States and the United Arab Emirates, American University in Dubai offers myriad study abroad degrees through their schools of Architecture, Art and Design, Arts and Science, Administration, Communication, Education, and Engineering.

This American university abroad also maintains a close relationship with the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Thus, many students choose to complete their degree abroad by attending both universities.

Their tuition for each Year is AED 92,400.

American University of Armenia

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the American University of Armenia is an excellent choice of American school abroad. This is especially true for anyone looking for a prestigious degree abroad at a fraction of the cost. The university was co-founded by the University of California system. As such, it provides a Western-style education with teacher-directed classrooms and research opportunities. Five bachelor’s degrees are offered, along with nine master’s degrees.

Their tuition for each Year is 3,700,000 AMD.

Abu Dhabi University

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates, along with His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, spent years envisioning “an institution that would be among the best in the UAE and throughout the world.” In 2003, Abu Dhabi University was founded. In 2016, it achieved accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in the United States. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degree study abroad programs. All higher education programs are based upon the American model of higher education. Abu Dhabi University is the largest private university in the United Arab Emirates. It has campuses in Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, and Dubai.

Their tuition for each Year is $11,000.

The American University in Cairo

The American University in Cairo is a private research university. This American University abroad offers American-style learning programs for undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduate students.

Approximately 6,500 students from more than 50 countries are enrolled at The American University in Cairo. This includes many who are studying in Egypt for one semester or one year. The university is accredited in both the U.S. and Egypt. It offers 37 bachelor’s degrees, 44 masters degrees, and two doctoral degrees.

QS World University Rankings 2022 ranks The American University in Cairo as the best university in Egypt, the 2nd best in Africa, and the 395th best in the world.

Their tuition for each Year is $17,640.

The American College of Greece

One of the leading universities in Europe, the American College of Greece is made up of three separate schools. This includes Deree for undergraduate and postgraduate liberal arts, and the Alba Graduate Business School for graduate programs in business. The former is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

It offers higher education degrees in fine and performing arts, psychology, communication, and leadership, to name but a few. The Alba Graduate Business School offers MBA programs in financial services, banking, and shipping. It was described in 2011 by Financial Times as a worthy of a place “on the global business education map.”

Their tuition for each Year is $11,180.

American University of Beirut

The American University of Beirut is a private, independent university. This American university abroad has been ranked by QS World University Rankings as the best university in the Middle East. The school offers a variety of higher education options featuring experiential learning opportunities.

This includes bachelor’s, masters, MD, and Ph.D. degrees. It also collaborates with a slew of top-ranked American universities to do so. Some of the university’s most popular undergraduate offerings include Arab and Middle Eastern History, Epidemiology, and Arabic Language and Literature, among others. As is the case with the other schools on our list, all courses for a degree abroad are taught in English.

Their tuition for each Year is $24,167.

American University of Paris

One of the top American universities abroad, American University of Paris (AUP) is a private liberal arts college that is accredited in the United States. A non-profit educational institution, AUP was founded in 1962 and is one of the oldest American universities in Europe. More than 1,100 students from 100 different countries attend AUP to pursue nearly 30 higher education majors.

These include liberal arts education offerings like Literature and History as well as Global Business and Economics, to name a few. Students may also take part in the university’s Cultural Program throughout their entire degree program. This program includes faculty-led study trips and cultural excursions both in Paris and abroad.

Their tuition for each Year is €31,456.

American University of Phnom Penh

Founded in 2013, American University of Phnom Penh is a private university. As one of the leading American universities abroad, the school offers four-year higher education programs in Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Global Affairs, Law, and Tourism and Hospitality Management. All classes are taught in English, and students graduate with dual-degrees from American University of Phnom Penh and University of Arizona or Fort Hays State University.

Their tuition for each Year is $6,000.

American University of Rome

American University of Rome is the oldest degree-granting university in Italy. Founded in 1969, it enrolls approximately 500 students. This includes those studying in Rome for a single semester or one year. Because it is accredited in the United States, this is one of the American universities abroad that teaches all classes in English.

Ten bachelor’s degrees are on offer, along with four master’s degree programs. Popular programs of study include Archaeology and Classics, Fine Arts, Travel and Tourism Management, and Administration.

Their tuition for each Year is $25,200.

Anglo-American University

One of our top picks for American universities abroad is Anglo-American University. The school recently celebrated its 30th anniversary as an American-accredited university located in Prague. The private university provides classes in English, and it offers a variety of three-year Bachelor of Arts programs. These include International Relations, Politics and Society, Jewish Studies, and Administration, to name but a few. A few master’s programs and professional programs are also available.

Their tuition for each Year is CZK 162,000.

Bard College Berlin

Enjoying dual accreditation from both the United States and Germany, Bard College Berlin is a private non-profit liberal arts college. As one of the leading American universities abroad, the school grants dual American/German degrees. Approximately 260 full-time students are enrolled at Bard College Berlin.

These include students pursuing either a study abroad semester, a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, Politics, and Social Thought, or a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Politics, and Social Thought.

Their tuition for each Year is €20,055.

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

Among the best American universities abroad, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar is a branch campus of Carnegie Mellon University. The private research university is located in Education City. It is part of a large campus of international universities situated on the outskirts of Doha.

All degrees earned at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar are the same degrees earned by students attending Carnegie Mellon in the United States. Currently, five undergraduate degrees are offered: Computer Science, Administration, Information Systems, Computational Biology, and Biological Sciences.

Their tuition for each Year is $55,816 / QAR 203,728 (based on a fixed exchange rate of QAR 3.65 = $1.00).

Duke Kunshan University

A top American university abroad, Duke Kunshan University in China’s Jiangsu province is the result of a partnership between Duke University and Wuhan University. The research university provides a liberal arts education in English to students from China, the United States, and all around the world. Students have the opportunity to spend a summer and a semester at Duke University in North Carolina,. When they graduate from Duke Kunshan University, they receive a dual degree.

Their tuition for each Year is $29,088.

Franklin University Switzerland

Accredited in both Switzerland and the United States, Franklin University Switzerland is a private liberal arts university located in Lugano. The university offers Certificate in English Language Teaching degrees, Associate of Arts degrees, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in myriad subjects. Included in Franklin students’ annual tuition is participation in the Academic Travel Program.

Through this program, students travel with their class to study on location for two weeks. Former Academic Travel destinations have included Africa, South America, Asia, and other parts of Europe.

Their tuition for each Year is $43,850.

Mason Korea — George Mason University

Situated about a two-hour drive from Seoul and a two-hour flight from China and Japan, Mason Korea is a degree-granting campus of George Mason University. Mason Korea is considered by The Commonwealth of Virginia to be “no different than any other Mason campus.” It has the same powers and opportunities and offers seven undergraduate programs in subjects such as Accounting, Global Affairs, Conflict Analysis, and Computer Game Design. Students spend their sixth and seventh semesters studying at the main campus in Virginia.

Their tuition for each Year is $20,000.

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Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School is a private school with six campuses in four countries (including the U.S.). It is the only university with the distinction of being an American business school accredited in the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. This makes it a top choice for many students interested in careers in international business. Besides an undergraduate business degree, Hult also offers master’s degrees and an MBA program. Some of Hult’s notable alumni include former South African president Thabo Mbeki, Gerdau CEO André Bier Gerdau Johannpeter, and Exterion Media CEO Shaun Gregory.

Their tuition for each Year is $42,500.

John Cabot University

One of the best private American universities abroad in our ranking, John Cabot University is a liberal arts university in Rome. The school enrolls approximately 1,000 students. About half are studying abroad while the other half are pursuing U.S.-accredited degrees in subjects such as Art History, Business Administration, and International Affairs . These are the university’s three strongest, and most popular, majors. Classes are taught following the American system of education. Still, the culture of the university is more like universities in Europe.

Their tuition for each Year is $25,900.

McDaniel College Budapest

One of our leading American universities in Europe, McDaniel College Budapest, is the Hungary-based college associated with McDaniel College in Maryland. The accredited private liberal arts college offers an American four-year undergraduate degree abroad program, which culminates in a Bachelor of Arts degree. As an alternative, students may study for a single semester or 1-2 years at McDaniel College Budapest, then transfer their credits to a school in the United States.

Their tuition for each Year is €7,200 (1st and 2nd year), €7,800 (3rd and 4th year).

New York University Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi — along with NYU Shanghai and NYU in New York — is one of NYU’s three degree-granting universities. The fully integrated liberal arts and science college currently offers 22 undergraduate programs. Graduate and executive education programs are likely to be available in the future. Students at NYU Abu Dhabi are encouraged to spend at least two semesters studying at one of NYU’s satellite campuses. Options include places like Paris, London, Madrid, Buenos Aires, and Accra, to name but a few options.

Their tuition for each Year is $50,686.

New York University Shanghai

One of the leading American universities abroad, NYU Shanghai is affiliated with both New York University and East China Normal University. It is the first American college to receive independent registration status from China’s Ministry of Education.

The university offers undergraduates a popular study abroad program, plus a core curriculum, 19 major options, and a slew of multidisciplinary minors. Like many American international institutions, courses are taught in English.

Their tuition for each Year is $50,686.

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