How to Make it in America

While this topic sounds like the popular comedy, How to Make it in America, it also whispers into us the idea of grasping success in a highly competitive society such as the United States of America.

Though commonly monikered as the ‘land of opportunities’ according to the American Dream slogan, yet the nation is stacked with a countless number of people who are each on the look out for virtually the same success you are after. These individuals no doubt have some uniqueness that may help them keep their heads far above waters as they sludge on to reaching the target which you also aim for.

Following this fact, there is need for you, or any foreigner who is interested in travelling to America to buckle down and stand up to their feet in the process of literally learning how to make it in America without issue, before they get chopped off by their own illusion.

Survival and Success in America

The United States of America is a country of 50 states covering a vast swath of North America, with Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii extending the nation’s presence into the Pacific Ocean.

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The movie, How to Make it in America, is a comedy television series which is about Ben Epstein and his friend, Cam Calderon, both business partners who wish to make it big but later face various challenges when they start a fashion company in New York City.

Their story is vividly typical of any foreigner or innocent human being on the street of America, looking for survival.

However, with the help of Cam’s cousin Rene (Guzman), who is trying to market his own high-energy drink, and their well-connected friend Domingo (“Kid Cudi”), the entrepreneurs set out to make it big, encountering obstacles along the way that will require all their ingenuity to overcome.

1. Be Law-abiding

Most US states tend to be surprisingly autonomous in their law-making, which can make keeping track of what’s allowed and what’s not a little difficult when you’re travelling. Recreational marijuana use, for example, is legal in some states, decriminalised in other states, and completely illegal in others. It pays to do a little research before you go to find out what’s allowed in the states you’ll be visiting.

2. Be Careful with Handling of Your Money and Cards

While travelers often think about having their pockets picked, or being mugged, the crime they’re far more likely to become the victims of is credit card fraud. It happens quickly, and it happens frequently. To stay safe, make sure you always keep your card in sight – don’t let a shop attendant take it away into another room – watch out for ATMs that look like they might have been tampered with, and don’t enter credit card details or do any online banking while using an unsecured Wi-Fi signal.

3. Work on your Appearance

Regardless of whether you think it’s fair or vain, people judge you on your appearance more than they do on your resume.  This is because your appearance – both in-person and online – creates your first impression. It doesn’t matter how intelligent, creative, or skilled you are; if your first impression says otherwise, it people will struggle to see your full potential.

While polished outfits may not seem like a worthy investment when you’re a struggling professional, Corcoran says, “all the best money I spent in business was on things that helped create an image of success.”

4. Be Open-Minded

You probably already have a lot of opinions about America, and Americans. You might think they’re loud and brash. You might love or hate their politicians. You might have ideas about their culture, their food, their sports, their music. But when you go to visit the USA, you need to forget all of those preconceived notions. America will surprise you again and again, and usually in a good way.

5. Own Positive Thoughts and Attitude

What you think, you are. If your thoughts and attitudes do not seem positive, there’s no way you can make it in America, even anywhere. So, associate with people with a positive attitude. Not only are these people a positive influence on your behavior, they will more than likely approach activities, take risks, and conquer discouragement in ways you wouldn’t have normally thought possible.

Also, read books and keep tabs on your life’s decisions, your relationships and interactive behavioral powers.

Positive people help empower you to face your fear and reduce your personal anxiety simply through their habit and perspective. They will share insightful wisdom in such a matter of fact way it will shock you.

6. Manage your Time and Energy

I realized that in trying to be everything to everybody at my fledgling company, I was only fooling myself. When you have big goals and are building your career, it can be tempting to say yes to every opportunity you’re given. However, it’s a myth that the more you do, the more successful you’ll be. At some point, you won’t have the time or the energy to do anything well.

Instead of fooling yourself by believing you can do everything on your own, learn to ask for help and carefully choose what opportunities you take on. When you do this, you’ll achieve greater success because you’ll have the time and energy to produce extraordinary work.

7. Be a Get-Things-Done Person

One of the best ways to make it quickly and hit that headway anywhere you find yourself in the cities of America is by making sure that you have that skill or skill set that will help rather position you as a problem-solver than problem analyst.

America wants to hear that “I can handle this” statement than any other thing. Therefore it is advised that you try to own skills and work primarily on your self and your acquisition of skills.

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