Arewa 24 Year of Establishment and Location.

Arewa 24 Year of Establishment and Location.

Arewa 24 Year of Establishment and Location contains a free look into the history and place of one of the first culture-oriented tv channels in Nigeria. This particular television is based solely on bespeaking the Hausa language and cultural heritage to all and sundry across the world. It has however helped the Hausa language gained international weight by standard of its many programmes which position the northern lifestyle admirable.

Arewa 24 Year of Establishment and Location.

Arewa 24 is a Nigerian satellite television channel. It is an indigenous stable which has spread her tentacles and is available on international televisions such as DSTV, GOtv, and Startimes.

This TV station showcases the lifestyle of the Northern Region, Nigeria, and it is the first free-to-air channel to use the Hausa language, even before BBC itself.

Arewa 24 Year of Establishment and Location.

The Year Arewa 24 is Established.

Arewa 24 is a 100% Nigerian media corporation that includes a television network, a high-capacity Hausa production studio and a global Subscription video on demand service. It is established in 2014 to become the leading and consistently highest-rated Hausa language entertainment and lifestyle television network in Nigeria and West Africa.

This local cum international television is home to the largest library of HD Hausa language content across genres and formats anywhere in the world, providing entertainment programming and serving its communities by addressing critical community-relevant issues such as girl education, corruption, women’s issues, health challenges, interreligious violence and youth employment.

Arewa 24 Contributions Across the World.

Arewa 24 has worked on collaborative projects with the MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation, United Nations, WHO, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Equal Access International and Beyond Conflict in order to quell some of the many crises facing enviromental, social, economic, and political landscapes of the world. Through entertainment and fictional dramas, important, relevant and community-positive messaging, Arewa 24 has been highly effective.

Where Arewa 24 is Situated.

Arewa 24 is situated from the outset in Kano State, Nigeria. It also its many broadcast areas in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria, India, Niger, and all of West Africa.

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