Art Supplies Store Business

Art Supplies Store Business: How to Start

Art being a section of human activities where creativity and imagination are efficiently put to use in an effort to showcase a certain figure or shape of beauty, conception, ideas, power, technical proficiency. So, the art supplies store business: how to start, as a topic, is one step away from getting a comprehensive grasp of the ins and outs of the enterprise or of going with full-force into the industry.

Art supplies store is a profitable and lucrative retail opportunity for any individual who is passionate about art and has knowledge about the equipment that is essential for the artists. You can establish an art supplies store by having a small retail location with a flair stock of popular art supplies essentials.

With the right strategic planning, this business can be initiated with a comparative small startup budget. The gross margin is high. For a small shop, focusing on a niche is important.

Required Skills to Hone to Efficiently Survive the Rigors of the Art Supplies Store Business:

  • Leadership and training skills: A great team starts with YOU. Make sure you have all company policies and training procedures in place prior to hiring your team
  • Decisive and self-confident: Over the course of your career, you will need decisions that could impact your business significantly. It’s important you are able to think clearly and rationally about these decisions.
  • Becoming a self starter: It’s important that you are capable of independently completing a task without the help or direction of anyone else
  • Listening and following directions: When you are given direction by others, it’s critical that you are able to follow directions and ask the right questions in order to get your job done
  • Taking the initiative in problem solving: Instead of taking the easy route, you’ll need to learn to troubleshoot issues on your own as much as possible.
  • Ability to understand the financials: You don’t need to be an accountant, but it is important that you are able to clearly understand and define metrics such as expenses, revenue, profit, margins, COGS, etc.
  • Professionalism: The way you act, present yourself, and respond to situations all leave an impression on your customer. It’s important to stay professional at all times when handling customer requests or issues.
  • Problem-solving: When issues arise, it’s important that you are able to think quick on your feet and address the situation with a calm and clear solution
  • Friendly-manner: This is an obvious one, but customers truly appreciate someone that can respond in a quick, efficient, and friendly manner.
  • Proficient in writing: These skills include the ability to write well-crafted emails, service tickets, and any other programs used by the business (ie. chat functions, SMS texting)
  • Strategic Thinking: Setting clear goals and benchmarks, identifying opportunities, risks. Ability to effectively communicate these insights to your team.

Art Supplies Store Business: How to Start

In initiating an art supplies store business: how to start it can be a very easy one if you will be patient enough through the following tips. Although the art supplies store business can require a great deal of effort, dedication and most importantly passion, the information below are key to the financial decisions you will ever want to make on launching and marketing your business the right way. No doubt, you will need these tips/strategies on how to grow this very profitable business effectively.

Write Down an Estimate of Starting the Business

The investment in starting an art store will include, space rent, stocks and inventories, license fees, manpower, and legal costs.

The cost of starting an art supply store on a small scale will cost in the range of $20,000 to $30,000 depending on the scale of operation. However, the profit margin is much higher compared to other businesses.

Have a Model for your Business

Apart from only an art supplies store, you can establish an innovative art supplies lounge with a bigger establishment. Yes, this needs more investment and management capabilities to run the show smoothly.

An art supplies lounge includes art and craft supplies, a gallery, an education center, and sitting arrangements with coffee and snacks.

It is rather like an art creative community center where no artists are left behind. Providing this type of pleasant facility will definitely inspire and support amateurs, professionals, and crafty people in the art community. From this business platform, you can also facilitate art shows, competitions, and so many other community events.

Running and operating this store by art practicing professionals will give value addition.

Creating a shopping environment that needs artists by offering knowledgeable and professional service is the key area to getting success in this business. As you will be purchasing bulk materials, you will be gaining more profit margin also.

Write Down a Business Plan

Creating a detailed business plan is important even if it is a small retail store. You will need to determine the store carpet area, stock of inventory, manpower, store establishment, and marketing strategy. Determining a niche is important for any type of retail business. Whether your stocks will be for students only or you will keep supplies for professional artists also. Calculate your startup budget.

You will need to arrange finance accordingly. If you are initiating the business by hiring a retail space, check the rent agreement carefully before signing.

Get Registered and a License

In starting art supplies store business, registering the business with authority is the first priority. According to the management body, you will need to register your business. Different states provide different types of licenses and permissions to retail stores. It is advisable to check with a small business consultant regarding this.

Choose a catchy artistic name for your business and protect it through Trade Mark Registration.

Promote Your Art Supplies Store

In this era of the internet, you can’t afford to lose online customers. Promote your business offline and online. Do some outdoor advertising activities and media publications. Publishing advertisements in art magazines is an effective one. Concentrate on in-shop branding also.

Create your own website. Create info-based content. Register with an online marketplace like Offering multiple varieties of the product with a free shipping option will definitely help you in getting more sales revenue from your art supplies store.

Look Out for the Best Location

In establishing art supplies store location is an important factor. Location nearby school, colleges are preferred. You can consider a high-traffic shop-in-shop proposition also. Consult with an interior professional in crafting the floor plan. It is the first thing the customer sees before entering your store; the storefront.

It makes good sense to focus your creative energies on what the signage and storefront look like. Make the store ambiance inviting and comfortable. This will keep your customers around as long as possible.

Purchasing the right inventory at the right price is one of the most crucial factors. In the initial phase, you can keep a mixed inventory with the popular brand and non-popular local brands. Purchase the supplies from reliable vendors only.

You will need to keep a different assortment of equipment, mediums, and supplies for all styles of art. You should extend far beyond general art supplies, catering to all types of creative outlets. In addition to specialized items such as crafting and printmaking supplies also.

Employ an Qualified Hand

As I have discussed earlier, keeping an employee who has knowledge about art is a plus. It is essential at least they have flair ideas about the applications of the supplies. How employees relate to customers is an important factor in retail sales. The confidence to make eye contact and strike up a conversation with strangers is absolutely essential.

Set up Business Accounting

It is extremely important to set up proper accounting processes for the smooth functioning of financial transactions and also help you in filing taxes. Choose proper accounting software that fits your need.

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