7 Secrete Codes To Attract Nigerian Girls and Win Love.

Attract Nigerian Girls and Win Love -You wish to know right? I know you like girls like I do ,, LoL—  When you approach a Nigerian girl, make sure your head is correct. Am sure you already  know what is meant by “make sure that your head is correct”. You must as a matter of fact know why you’re approaching the girl in the first place.

Attract Nigerian Girls and Win Love

Make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. If you’ve found a girl who makes you feel special and your heart is beating at a million miles per minute, then chances are, she would make a great girlfriend.

The good news is that you’ve found a girl you really like and you want her to be your girlfriend. The bad news is, every time you think about asking her to make it official, you start to feel nervous…or even nauseous.

You keep asking yourself, “What if she rejects me? What if my question doesn’t come out the right way?” If you follow these Secrete Codes to Attract Nigerian Girls steps by steps, I assured that you will most likely be met with a resounding, “Yes, please!” from the beautiful Nigerian babe.

Secrete Codes Attract Nigerian Girls and Win Love

Here is the 7 Secrete Codes To Attract Nigerian Girls and Win the Love of your life:

1. Be an Income Earner

You should realize that as per the culture of the tribes and ethnicities of our dear country, majority of the responsibilities in a relationship fall on the shoulders of the man.

As such, it is basic that you possess the ability to earn an income. Who else do you want to pay for your bills? Your mom? The process of making a Nigerian girl to fall for you is to start a family isn’t it?

Who is going to pay for the Children’s diapers? Is it the girl you’re currently dating? Mr. Man!! Get your head out of the sand and realize that getting a woman to fall in love with you is not for children!

2. Must Be God Fearing

Whatever faith you belong to; be it Christianity, Islam, African Traditional Religion or even Buddhism, make sure that you practice your faith!

If you can be loyal to the invisible, then of course your loyalty to the visible will never be questioned. That way, when you want to enter a relationship with a Nigerian girl it is easy for her to trust that you will not sway in the event of tough situations. Faith will always carry you through!

3. Must Be Loyal

Loyalty to a women is like having number five next to number six. You may not believe it but most Nigerian girls who are disloyal usually became so after disloyalty was shown to them by other Nigerian men! So try to be loyal and see your girl show you loyalty as well!

4. Must Be Honest

Lying has a way of ruining your chances with any Nigerian girl. They love honesty to a fault and lies won’t allow for trust to be built.

How can you win the heart of someone who cannot trust you with herself? You have to be a man that is known for honesty.

Literally speaking, liars always get caught one way or the other. It is better to tell the truth and be shamed than to lie and be glorified because when the day of shame comes, it would become the day when that false truth will become exposed and the integrity of the liar gets dented forever.

5. Must Be Generous

Who likes a stingy person? NOBODY!! Your being a generous person does not make you a fool. It in fact makes you the kind of person that gives for giving sake; not giving for getting sake. This is the difference between a go-getter and a go-giver.

If a Nigerian girl senses that you’re a go-getter, she will treat you the same way you treat her and you two will keep playing a game of wits till kingdom come.

6. Have a Good Dress Code

Have you heard the common saying: “You’re addressed by the way you dress”? Well, that is the same thing that Nigerian girls look for in their potential suitors.

Dressing decently shows a level of responsibility that such ladies are looking for in their men. Dressing decently also denotes responsibility.

Who wants an irresponsible man? You must also learn to dress to suit the times. Know when to dress formally, informally and in-between. You should also be able to create a personal sense of style that befits your personality.

7. Have a Sense of Smartness

It is not necessary that you’re in genius category; but you have to show that you know your onions! I mean who wan commot with Dundi?

Nigerian girls will never tell you this but they love their men to have a sense of smartness (both logically and streetwise).

It also helps your own self-confidence and boosts your morale and performance at work and also at other places too.

he reverse side to this is if you don’t know something and you’re showing others that you know, then that is the beginning of your downfall. Always show your intelligence with a touch of humility. Send her love notes regularly and show express your desire to love her.

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