3 Benefits of Using a VPN While Shopping Online

Benefits of Using a VPN While Shopping Online: Yes, a VPN can be your most helpful shopping friend. Your traffic is encrypted and tunneled through a server in another country when you connect to it.

Through a new IP address, you ultimately acquire a new online identity. This implies that you can hide all of your browsing habits in addition to hiding your geolocation.

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To avoid falling victim to deceptive advertising campaigns or making a costly purchase decision, it pays to do your due diligence. 

So how can we benefit from this and use a VPN to acquire other advantages while we shop online? Let’s find out.

3 Benefits of Using a VPN While Shopping Online

One of the benefits of using a VPN while shopping online is that this VPN uses special VPN encryption and makes a secure connection between different networks. Here are some undisputed benefits of  using VPN for online shopping:

1. Geographic Division

Many online retailers display different prices to users from various places, which is a marketing secret that not many online shoppers know. This is known as geographic segmentation in marketing.

Geographic segmentation refers to the practice of different online retailers adjusting their prices by a customer’s location.

To put it another way, prices for a given good can differ between clients in the UK and those in Asia or any other region.

Companies like airlines (and other ticketing companies), rental car companies, online retailers, hotels, streaming services, and many more frequently employ this tactic.

The cost of the same flight from New York to London will vary if you conduct a search using various IP addresses with the same dates and information.

From there, all you have to do is connect to the area with the most affordable prices and purchase your ticket.

In a study, researchers discovered that the pricing differences between Amazon among other websites can reach up to 200%!

However, they are not at fault because they merely offer items under a customer’s desire to pay.

After all, consumers looking to cut costs can simply use a VPN to do their online shopping.

2. You Can Get Access to Better Movies and Rates

We’ve already established that when purchasing online, you should use a VPN. Even Netflix uses this tactic. For example, if you connect to a country in Africa and then connect to a country in the US, you will see that there is a huge difference in prices. But luckily, this system can be tricked. 

You may simply sign up using an IP address from a different country and continue using the stuff available in your country because Netflix accounts are not based on countries and only choose content based on your IP location.

With the VPN, you can also view Netflix US without any issues.

Some more items and websites use this method than you can benefit a lot from only with the help of a VPN.

3. Price Steering

Price steering is the process by which online stores tailor prices for each customer and then direct some customers toward more expensive things.

With geographic segmentation, this can even happen to different people in the same region, which is a significant difference.

Online retailers achieve this by monitoring your search history and increasing the price while you continue to look for a product.

They do a lot more than just look at your search history. The Wall Street Journal covered a price steering study conducted by computer scientists at Northeastern University.

It was discovered that the travel booking service Orbitz discriminated against logged-in users. The average difference in prices for logged-in customers was $12.

On the other hand, it was discovered that Travelocity had silently provided a $15 discount to users of Apple’s iOS platform.

Home Depot was discovered to recommend more expensive products to customers using a mobile device than to those using a desktop computer.

You cannot be certain that you are receiving the correct prices with all of these things going on.

The best way to save money when buying online is to utilize a VPN. Online stores can’t trace your history and create a profile about you because a VPN is private and secure.

You won’t be able to be the target of price-steering tactics because you’ll be invisible in this manner. Make sure to protect yourself and use the advantages of a VPN to get premium protection, the lowest prices, and, of course, the best service available on the market. So, in case you were wondering whether you should get a VPN, these benefits will help you make up your mind. 

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