20 Best Online Colleges and Universities in USA, 2020.

Best Online Colleges and Universities, are you looking for one?. Online universities allow students to attend the top programs in a particular country without relocating. In this guide  we would mention 20 best online universities in the U.S. See below:

1. Harvard University

Harvard University Online has vast array of learning opportunities for students of all levels, ranging from podcasts and free courses to non-credit certificate programs and graduate degrees. Harvard uses several different technologies and platforms to deliver online education, such as the edX platform, which was collaboratively designed by Harvard and MIT.

Online courses may be self-directed or follow a specific time frame, and are offered completely online, or in a hybrid format, such as the master of science degree in health management. Harvard Online also offers free, non-credit versions of several fee-based, for-credit courses, and rest assured, students earning credits online will receive Harvard transcripts. Best Online Colleges and Universities

2. Drexel University 

Drexel University Online has over 100 degree programs, with bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees available in areas such as communication, business and education. Specialty certificate programs are also available online, in over 45 areas of concentration. Discounted tuition for some of Drexel’s online programs may be available to military students, Drexel alumni and through partnerships with specific organizations and employers.

Drexel Online students have access to several online resources, including the student library, where students can communicate with library staff via the chat feature, e-mail, phone and skype. Students can check out video content and e-books, and can even have library materials.

3. USC (University of Southern California)

USC (University of Southern California) Online has a wide variety of graduate level degrees and certificate programs, ranging from traditional programs, such as psychology, engineering and teaching, to less commonly seen programs such as Geospatial Leadership and Geriatric Dentistry.

Several programs are offered completely online, while others, such as teaching and social work, will require field work, which can be arranged near the student’s home base, and may also include self-paced coursework and face-to-face classroom time. USC Online has several online programs geared towards military students, including military social work, cyber security and a master’s degree in business for veterans.

4. Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) , focuses on technology, science and research, with online degree programs available in areas such as architecture, human sciences, business and applied technology. Students can earn an undergraduate or graduate degree partially or completely online through IIT, with courses taught by the same faculty, following the same curriculum.

Online graduate students can choose from a thesis or non-thesis degree option, and undergraduate students can choose their major, or enroll as undecided. IIT also offers online professional development courses, which are a blend of lecture and lab, and a large selection of online IT professional certification courses. Best Online Colleges and Universities

5. Saint Joseph’s University (SJU)

Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) , a Jesuit Catholic University founded in 1851, offers several online graduate certificate, master’s and bachelor’s degree programs. Areas of study include liberal studies, business, leadership and health services, along with several concentration options in criminal justice and education. Many of these programs provide opportunities for students looking for leadership roles and career advancement, while also providing a flexible curriculum, based on students’ work and personal needs.

SJU offers several career resources for online students, plus easily accessible support and communication with teaching faculty, library staff, program managers, academic advisors and technical assistance through the 24/7 help desk.

6. Columbia University

Columbia University Online has several online master’s degree programs, along with several non-credit certificate of professional achievement programs. Examples of certificate program areas of study include business, environmental sustainability and health information technology. These programs are specialized, career-oriented programs that also prepare students for graduate school, and several can be used towards completing a master’s degree at Columbia.

Online courses at Columbia are either completely online, or in a hybrid format, with evening class and weekend fieldwork options. Columbia students have several other online educational opportunities, including access to the Coursera organization, which allows students to take courses from partnered universities across the world. Best Online Colleges and Universities

7. Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) offers online and blended master’s degrees in specialized areas such as digital health technology, social administration and several concentration degrees and certificates in engineering. CWRU also offers a wide variety of MOOC’s and individual courses through Coursera. CWRU’s Technology Enhanced Classrooms initiative brings the latest technology to both on-campus and online courses, and course will soon be delivered through Canvas. Other technology commonly used is i>clicker, which allows for immediate communication in virtual classrooms, Google Apps, MediaVison Courseware and video conferencing. Students can access several academic and technical resources through the school library and the University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE).

8. Canisius College

Canisius College has a variety of specialized and unique online master’s degree and post-master’s degree certificate programs. Some programs and individual courses are offered fully online, while others are available in a hybrid or blended format, with possible part-time, full-time and self-paced options available. Best Online Colleges and Universities

Depending on the program, online students may be required to do a residency, and may also have opportunities for internships near their place of residence. Online students have 24/7 access to courses and can communicate with faculty and advisors after hours. In addition, online students can take advantage of online resources such as the virtual library, online writing tutors and ITS help desk.

9. Lehigh University

Lehigh University offers master’s degree and for-credit certificate programs online along with individual courses, with non-degree seeking admission options. Lehigh’s Office of Distance Education uses two different instructional platforms: Classroom Live, where classes are viewed online in real-time, and Classroom Online, which consists of pre-filmed classed that can be viewed anytime via streaming video. In addition, faculty may also use e-mail, web-conferencing, discussion boards and phone calls to communicate with students.

Lehigh’s online courses typically follow the on-campus academic calendar, and follow closely with on-campus course curriculum. Several programs are geared towards career advancement, and students taking online courses at Lehigh may be eligible for employer-based tuition.

10. Gwynedd Mercy University (GMercyU)

Gwynedd Mercy University (GMercyU), one of 16 Catholic universities founded by the Sisters of Mercy, offers several accelerated online and hybrid undergraduate and graduate degree programs through its School of Graduate and Professional Studies. In addition to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, GMercyU offers an online associate degree in business administration and a few post-master’s and doctorate degree programs in areas such as nursing and education. These programs are designed for students needing maximum flexibility, such as working professionals and military students. Students interested in earning an online degree at GMercyU may be able to transfer in a specific number of previously earned outside college credits.

11. John Hopkins University (JHU)

John Hopkins University (JHU), known for research and education, has over 240 degree and certificate programs, with nine academic divisions, including a large selection of online degree programs in areas such as medical care, teaching, engineering, arts and sciences and business. Online bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate and graduate certificate options can be completed in a part-time or full-time capacity, with many offered fully online, or in hybrid format, using the Blackboard platform for course delivery. JHU offers an online orientation for first time online students, and several online resources including a 24/7 help desk, JHU library materials, academic advisement and student assistance via phone, skype and e-mail. Best Online Colleges and Universities

12. Purdue University

Purdue University Online offers several graduate level degree programs online, allowing students maximum flexibility while earning a prestigious Purdue degree. Many of these online degrees can be completed entirely online, while others are offered in a hybrid format, with some practicum hours or campus visits required. Online curriculum is structured similarly to on-campus classes, with expected deadlines, but students have 24/7 access to the virtual classroom, and can communicate with faculty and classmates via discussion boards, e-mail, chat features and one-on-one electronic consultations. Purdue online also offers professional development, corporate education and non-credit courses and even an associate degree in veterinary technology.

13. Duquesne University

Founded in 1878, Duquesne University has been around a long time, and is one of a few Catholic universities recognized for its research, along with its well-known academic programs. Duquesne now offers several options for students seeking an online degree, including accelerated bachelor’s and graduate degrees, with some at the doctorate level. Some of these programs are designed to be completed fully online, while others will have some online components combined with face-to-face classroom time, clinical time or field work. Online curriculum will give students opportunities for both individual and collaborative learning. Examples of fully online programs here are in the areas of business, education and liberal arts. Best Online Colleges and Universities

14. Southwestern College (SWC)

Southwestern College (SWC) is a community college offering a wide variety of courses either fully online, or in a hybrid format. Depending on the class, some online students may be required to visit the campus for testing or meetings. Online students have access to virtual classrooms through the Blackboard learning platform and can communicate with teachers and classmates through online study groups, discussion boards and e-mail. Some online courses offered at SWC can be used towards an associate degree, or transferred to a four-year college or university. SWC provides several resources to online students, including online advisement and academic and career counseling.

15. Clarkson University

Founded in 1896 as a college of technology, Clarkson University has a long history of providing top-notch degree programs in the world of science and technology. Currently, Clarkson offers several online graduate degrees in the areas of business, engineering, technology and science. These programs are designed with working professionals in mind, and many are offered with full-time or part-time options, with possible campus visits required. Online students will have opportunities to take part in real-time virtual classroom activities such as lectures, group discussions and self-directed assignments. Clarkson’s online courses are also available to non-degree seeking students looking to further their education.

16. Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)

Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) has several online learning options with continuing education, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and graduate certificate programs available. Students can earn degrees completely online in areas ranging from criminal justice to psychology, through a partnership between FIT and University Alliance, an organization made up of independent technology universities.

Students can also earn a graduate degree through Virtual FIT, which offers distance learning through the Canvas platform, at various off-campus sites such as air forces bases, military forts and the Kennedy Space Center. FIT online students must meet deadlines, but have the flexibility of not having to be online during specific times.

17. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) offers several types of distance learning opportunities. Carolina Courses Online (CCO) are blended or completely online courses on a semester schedule, while Self-Paced Courses (SPC) are offered online or as correspondence, and allow students to take up to nine months to complete. UNC’s graduate degree programs and professional certificates are either entirely online or in a blended format, with curriculum containing both online and campus components. Another option is the UNC Online Exchange, in which UNC students can take online courses through other schools in the University of North Carolina system for the same tuition price.

18. Southern Methodist University

Through Southern Methodist University’s Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE) division, students can choose from a wide variety of online non-credit courses and certificate programs geared towards working professionals, ranging from more traditional to technology/web-based careers. Certificate programs are either completely online or in a blended format, and depending on the program, can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. Examples include web-design, grant writing, technical writing and law enforcement. Students interested in CAPE certificate programs can learn more with free informational downloads about individual programs and can also talk with a program advisor.

19. University of Denver

University College, University of Denver’s college of professional and continuing studies, offers several online graduate degree programs and five undergraduate majors through its Bachelor of Arts Completion Program. The courses for these degrees are available both on-campus and online, giving students the flexibility of completing their studies online, on-campus, or combining the two. Although the online courses follow the 10-week quarter schedule of on-campus courses, online classes are in an asynchronous format, allowing students to access their online courses when it’s convenient for them. Students can actively participate in online classes through constantly updated class discussion boards, delivered through the Canvas online learning platform.

20. LeTourneau University (LETU)

LeTourneau University (LETU) has more than 90 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, with several offered online in an accelerated format. Areas of study include education, human services, engineering management, psychology and bible studies and ministry. LETU online students can take advantage of helpful resources such as the Global Student Success Center, academic advisors, online tutoring and virtual library services. As a Christian university, LETU places high value on faith and service, and online students can stay connected through chapel recordings podcasts, the Faith and Work e-mail newsletter, a bi-monthly school blog and various popular social media sites.

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