Best Private Security Companies in Nigeria.

Best private security companies in Nigeria are increasingly multiplying as the country’s defense walls are daily getting attacked, crashed, and the lives of its citizens getting endangered if due care is not taken to smartly nip the unfortunate rampage.

Considering the security situation in Nigeria today, it becomes critical for businesses, individuals, and even government agencies to strengthen their security reforms through personal guards and private security companies. The issue of security is very discussed among its citizens. Everyone is concerned as it has eaten deep into the fabric of the nation. Peace in the country is going up in flame and everyone is feeling the heat. Therefore it is imperative for conscious efforts to stay in a secure environment and be on the lookout for anything that may serve as potential threats to safety and security.

Unfortunately, the media allegedly report major security concerns in the country. It speaks of the many deplorable events that have overclouded the country’s courage and thereby, injecting fear into the citizens. Thus, the need for best private security companies in  Nigeria comes to play. Organizations and the general populace must engage the services of security firms and be security conscious themselves in order to ascertain optimal protection in their immediate surroundings.

Best Private Security Companies in Nigeria.

Out of the many private security outfits, there are some that are categorized as the best private security companies in Nigeria obviously because of their filed coordination, dressing, logistics and maintenance. Undoubtedly, you will be getting to have access to the large list of best private security companies in Nigeria.

1. KingsGuard Private Security Company

KingsGuard is a reputable and well-known security brand in the country. It was founded in 1992. It is one of the best private security companies in Nigeria. They provide VIP Protection, Maritime Security, Security guards and guard dogs services, sale of Armored Vehicles, special investigation and security training.

KingsGuard is known for using high-tech security systems, which are also available for purchase. Smoke alarm dome cameras, colour weatherproof infrared cameras, LCD video monitor, LCD one channel monitor, glass break detector, and others are only a few examples of their sophisticated security systems. African Development Bank, African Reinsurance Corporation, NNPC, AIICO Insurance, Total, SEC and Airtel are their customers.

2. Synergy Guards Nigeria

This company is one of the best private security companies in Nigeria with records of providing quality security services. They use the latest technological security equipment with well-trained professionals in providing security services for many of their customers. It’s a subsidiary of Synergy Guard, the parent company that is located in the UK.

Some of the services offered by Synergy Guards Nigeria are Security training, CCTV system supply, Installation, Remote Monitoring, Event security, Security equipment supply, Emergency and Firefighting response services, Protocol and Escort Services, Security training, Mobile Patrol, Key Holding, CCTV Systems Supply, and Alarm Response. Synergy Guards Nigeria is a subsidiary of Synergy Guards UK and is recognized for providing trained and licensed security to government parastatals, educational institutions, and commercial companies.

3. Halogen Security

Halogen Security is a popular and one of the best private security companies in the country. Their agents can easily be found in any of the country’s prominent organizations, name it: financial firms, government parastatals, educational institutions, logistics, oil and gas, and estate facilities. Chevron, EcoBank, Access Bank, MTN, La Caserta, and British International School and many more are the kind of organizations they provide security services for. Halogen Security is an international partner that has been providing managerial and technical assistance since 1997.

Halogen Security is a member of various professional groups in Nigeria, including the Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals and the Society of Security Practitioners in Nigeria, keeping their reputation of exceptional service.

4. Eliezer Group

One of the first and also the best private security companies with excellent service is Eliezer Group. With Eliezer’s security arm, you get a service that fully integrates numerous security features. It is distinct from the rest because they offer to build security, and offer security and consultancy services and even more. Rest assured, you have a secured life with Eliezer Security Group because their guards are well trained with track records of outstanding performance.

This best private security company also provide integrating building automation systems services. Integrating building automation systems is a cutting-edge security system that provides considerable benefits to facility and security administrators and end-users. Eliezer Security Group consulting services help clients plan, build, and implement a safe and secure environment for their businesses and public functions.

5. Proton Security Company Limited

Proton Security is one of the significantly best private security companies in Nigeria and it is known for providing consistent and high-quality security services.  Their services are offered in all 36 states in Nigeria, these include guard service, armed escort or VIP Protection, Electronic Security and Special Events Security, etc.

What makes Proton Security company different is the use of dogs–which few security companies in Nigeria offers because of the technicality involved. A few countries like Italy, Germany, the UK, Spain use trained dog services to help counter security issues. Proton Security Company Limited also provide special security training. It aids people that want to be trained as personal guards. Electronic queue management is one of Proton Security Company Limited. Other service offerings include risk management, vehicle tracking, digital display system, consulting and investigation.

6. Technocrime Security Nigeria Limited

Technocrime Security Nigeria Limited is a licensed top security guard company that offers a wide range of security services to both individuals and organizations. They use well- trained and professional security personnel with technologically advanced security equipment to perform their job. They also sell security equipment including to companies and clients. They are concluded to have been one of the best private security companies in Nigeria.

7. Ashaka Security Company

Ashaka Security has developed to become a security service contractor to several enterprises around the country. The company, also known as Asco Limited, is one of Nigeria’s leading security firms. One of their security services is the supply and installation of security systems. The company makes it easy for anyone that needs to install security systems in their homes or offices. They also provide security coverage for social events, public functions and large gatherings anywhere in the country.

Other services include executive protection and armed police escort. Provision of Trained Dogs and Trained Dog Handlers is also one of their exclusive services. In 1965, they began by offering skilled and efficient security services to Nigerian Breweries in Iganmu. In addition, for operational training and refresher courses for operatives, supervisors, officers, and managers, the company offers a well-equipped air-conditioned hall.

8. McDon Security Company

For custom security and training services, your sure pass is McDon Security where they provide individualized security logistics consulting, training, technical security, and outsourced services. It is one of the best private security companies in Nigeria. The company is based in Anthony Village, Lagos State, to be a trusted partner for families, NGOs, and businesses seeking safety and security solutions in the country. McDon Security is a popular supplier of security products such as alarm systems, personal protective equipment, and CCTV equipment.

9. TransWorld Security Company

This private security company is the one of the best private security companies in Nigeria. Their experts engage in professional application of sophisticated, crime-combating technologies. They are exhibition guards, dog handlers, investigators, escorts, patrol, and many more. This wonderful outfit resides in Lagos Island, Lagos.

10. Eyespy Security Service Limited

The last of these best private security companies in Nigeria is Eyespy Security Service Limited that made the list because of its outstanding services. They provide security services such as event bouncers and security guards. Their customer relationship is always top-notch.

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