Caleb University Rules and Regulations (Up-to-date).

Caleb University is one of  Nigerian private universities with good academic communities that pin down their students with rules and regulations that are explicitly stated in the students’ handbooks.

Caleb University Rules and Regulations

The Caleb University boasts of magnificent structures and buildings which are complementary to the greenery and vegetations across the institution.

Caleb University also has a standard library which has over 12,200 volumes of books and is a leading library for research and teaching.

Students are drawn to the University because of its serene campus with nature’s gift of flora and fauna asides from its unique academic system and rapid academic calendar.

The University is also home to basic amenities found in any higher institutions such as hostel accommodation for students, lecture theatres and halls, science laboratories, college buildings, academic blocks, an ICT centre, a health centre, a sports complex, e.t.c. Remarkably, the University also has a bakery and a printing press.

Another aspect of Caleb University standard is how the  management of Caleb University has issued rules and strict guidelines for  students behavior on the university campus.

The reason for the Caleb University rules and regulations  is to guide the students behavior and disciplinary actions.

Caleb University rules and regulations state that no students should associate his or herself  with  secret cult or any  violent group.

Caleb University Rules and Regulations

As a student at Caleb University, you are expected to comply with the university rules and regulations:

Dress Code
  • Bizarre hair-styles are not allowed.
  • Indecent dressing is discountenanced, hence, skirts and skirts suits must be long enough to cover your knees. Cotton materials are, therefore, strongly recommended rather than jumping or clinging or body hugging materials.

In the Caleb University handbook, students are not allowed to wear crazy Jeans, crazy Chinos and Corduroy materials because according to the management, these clothing are diabolic.

Male and Female Mutuality

Loitering and association with opposite sex at wrong place, wrong time and inappropriate manner will not be treated lightly.

At Caleb University, Male students are not allowed to hang around their female counterpart from 8 pm. Any student caught violating the rule will be forced to undergo community service in the university.

Use of Car

Students of Caleb University  are not permitted to use any ride anytime they are on campus. Non-compliant of this law attract seizure of the car and the student will have to face the disciplinary committee for challenging the university law.


Cooking in any form in the halls of residence is disallowed.


  • Bed sheet sets with bed spreads, pillow case.
  • Corporate dressings: Shirts, trousers, ties and suits for men: skirt suits, dresses and shirt blouses for ladies. All female clothing must be at least 3 inches below the knees
  • Laptop is allowed
  • Bucket, laundry bag, towels, wash cloths, pressing iron, alarm clock, soap and toiletries
  • Flash lights and study lamp
  • Table size radio or tape recorder
  • Electric kettles
  • Rechargeable lamps


  • Crazy Jeans:  Crazy dresses, Crazy skirts and trousers.
  • Low neckline clothes, spaghetti straps, tight cloths, jewelries.
  • Any cloth that reveals the upper extremities, mid-riff or other suggestive areas of the body.
  • Cooking utensils or food that need to be cooked (indomie)
  • Personal furniture
  • Weapons, candles, boiling ring or any other dangerous appliances.
  • Knives, forks, bottles.
  • Bushy hair and beards

Are Phones Allowed In Caleb University?

The answer to the question whether Caleb University allowed the use of mobile phone on campus is YES. Caleb University allowed the use of mobile phone and laptops respectively.

Please note that this page can be corrected. If you feel we omit or misuse any statement kindly help us with a valid information. 


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