Code to Load MTN Recharge Card, Airtel, GLO and 9mobile.

The Code to Load MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9mobile Recharge Card, airtime or credit are simple  looking USSD code.

There is nothing hard if you what to recharge your line with any of the recharge code.  Just go to your phone dialer and dial *555* for MTN, *126* for Airtel, *222* for 9mobile and *123* for GLO, then  Recharge pin plus #.

Code to Load MTN Recharge Card, Airtime or Credit.

MTN Nigeria recharge codes is  *555* and the recharge card contain 12-digit PIN. So, follow the step below to  load MTN airtime on your phone:

  • The code to load  MTN Recharge Card is *555* and to load Airtime or Credit dial *555*PIN# and then Send/Ok. For example, If your airtime PIN is 44446789 7070, To load the PIN you need to dial *555*44446789 7070# and press Send or Ok on your phone.
  • MNT will send a feedback saying your recharge was  successful. To check MTN account balance  dial *556# to check the account balance and confirm if your recharge was successful.

Code to Load Airtel Recharge Card, Airtime or Credit.

Airtel recharge code for Airtel users is *126*. To load Airtel recharge card,  note that Airtel recharge voucher pin is 16 digits.

  • To load Airtel recharge card dial *126* and then 16 digit pin#.  For example *126*12345 75373 126733# and then and press Send or Ok on your phone.
  • A message will come in showing if your recharge is successful or not. You can ask well check your  balance by dialing *123#.

Code to Load 9Mobile Recharge Card, Airtime or Credit.

9mobile recharge code is *222*. Tom load 9mobile recharge card for example, if the 9mobile Airtime PIN is 44446789 7070, you will press *222*44446789 7070# and press Send or Ok. To confirm, dial *232# to check your 9mobile account balance.

Code to Load Glo Recharge Card, Airtime or Credit.

To recharge Glo card in Nigeria, you will need to use the shortcode *123* plus Recharge Digit and then close tap with #; then send and wait for a response. If it is successful and you will receive a confirmation message.

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