Print Airtime Online

How To Print Airtime Online through Printing Portal In Nigeria.

Print Airtime Online platform suggested here  is a secure Universal Portal that gives you unrestricted access to upload epins you buy from any dealer in Nigeria and print airtime of all networks in Nigeria for business purposes.

Print Airtime Online

The Online portal enables you to  print recharge cards of all networks in Nigeria : MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile etc.

If you need website for printing recharge cards in Nigeria, you can try :

In this article we would explain how to Print Airtime Online through the recharge card  Printing Portal In Nigeria by making use of the NetDivo online recharge card printing portal.

To use this software, you do not need to install any recharge card printing software on your computer. The portal makes it easy to print recharge cards with your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

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About Print Airtime Online

Print Airtime is a secure Universal Portal that gives you unrestricted access to print airtime of all networks in Nigeria for business purposes.

It is the online/mobile version of the popular best selling recharge cards printing softwareNetDivo ePin Manager

How Print Airtime Online Works?

It’s an easy-to-use platform which allows you to :

  • Sign in the portal and upload ePins
  • Print ePins as Vouchers, and
  • Send Voucher to PRINTER to Print OR Save as PDF file to Print later.

This is a sample look of a printout.

You can download the pdf manual here


– With ONLY Your Smartphone You are good to go! –

You can access the platform with your laptop (if you have any) OR with your Smartphone.

You also need a Printer but this is NOT COMPULSORY. You could save vouchers as PDF file (The Portal takes care of that) and print later from a trusted friend or business centre with Printer.

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How To Print Airtime Online through Printing Portal:

Print Airtime Online

Here’s the step by step way to print airtime online:

Step one: Create Account

To get started using the portal, you will be required to register for your account

Step two: Get Activation Code

After successful registration,  an access or activation code would be generated  for the account to be activated for you. The activation code for the website for printing recharge cards costs #9,500.

New users need ACTIVATION CODE to gain access. This will be provided to you after making payment for the Activation code!
Step three: Sign in to your account

To start printing, you need to sign in to the Users Area. After you sign in, you can upload epins and print them out as airtime vouchers or export as pdf ! Click Here to Sign in.

Once you are able to print out the sample and get to know how to use the portal for printing recharge cards, you can go ahead to buy epins from any recharge card pin dealers in Nigeria and use the portal to print them out as airtime vouchers.

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To get started, follow click below:

As we hinted earlier, to gain access to the portal, you must be activated with Your ACTIVATION CODE, this will be provided to you after making payment for the Activation!

You can click here for info on how to make payment and what to do after payment.

Click here to Register 

How To Get Bulk ePins?

The platform is a universal application, this means you can purchase your Bulk Pins from any trusted epin dealer.

Once you activate your user account on this portal, we will give you FREE info of recommended dealers you can buy epins from and the prices of epins. (this does not mean you cannot buy elsewhere).

How To Make Profits on

Your profit lies in your selling price and customer coverage. Recharge cards printing business is a turnover business in which your profit is a function of your customer base.

Every Nigerian adult uses airtime credit to make millions of phone calls, these people and those who sell to them are your target, therefore MAKING PROFIT IS GUARANTEED

NOT JUST THAT! As an ACTIVATED User, you earn commission on every person you refer to use the portal.

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Any Limit To What You  Can Print?

– NO! No Limit. You can print for as many times as you want to use the Portal  –

Why Your Online Printing ePins Secured?

The Online Platform was introduced to enable those who have no laptop but want to use their smartphone and to guide against System Damage which requires you to make another payment (in the case of software).

With the online platform, THE ONLY THING THAT CAN HINDER YOU IS YOU.

All Pins loaded to our portal are encrypted in the database using complex algorithmwhich makes all Pins useless when viewed from the database, unless it is interpreted for printing by our application.


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