Top 7 Online Platforms To Buy Airtime/Data In Nigeria.

Online Platforms To Buy Airtime/Data- To Enjoy Speedy Airtime and data recharge, you can get airtime in a few minutes with this provided list of top 7 online platforms to buy airtime/data in Nigeria from the following carrier – MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile and more.

Although when it comes to buying airtime or data bundles online in Nigeria, there are always concerns whether or not the platform one chooses will be trusted enough to provide the services without stress.

The challenges revolving around the online airtime and data purchase by many network subscribers is mainly the complaints that they buy airtime online and not getting their airtime or data, while some platforms have resorted to scamming.

However, to guide you when considering purchasing data or airtime online, we have detailed the best 7 platforms you can use. Read below:

Top 7 Online Platforms To Buy Airtime/Data In Nigeria.

The following are the top 7 online platforms to buy airtime/data  from this carrier – MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile  and more in Nigeria:

1. JumiaPay

You can get airtime in a few clicks with JumiaPay. Enjoy the ease of paying online and receiving your airtime in seconds. You can now talk to your loved ones as much as you want without needing to leave your location to look for an airtime retailer. JumiaPay’s convenient, uncomplicated and speedy recharge service is all you need. Stay connected to your friends and family 24/7.

With JumiaPay, You no longer need to scratch cards, carry cash around or search for a physical store to buy airtime. Whether you are at home, at work or in transit, you can recharge your phone anytime and anywhere with JumiaPay’s stress-free service.

Jumia One offers fast and stress-free online recharge service for major mobile networks in Nigeria – MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile. Airtime recharge service is available at every time of the day and we never charge you a service fee.

Recharging your phone takes a few easy steps:

  • Sign up or log in using your email address and password
  • Select ‘Airtime’ from the list of services
  • Select your mobile network
  • Enter your phone number and the amount you wish to top-up
  • Complete the payment with your debit card or your bank account on our secure payment platform

You are done! You receive your airtime instantly. JumiaPay also offers easy and convenient TV, Internet and Electricity bill payments.

2. Third-Party Vendors

Third-party vendors are those who act as middlemen to sell airtime or data services but on a smaller scale. An interesting thing worthy of note is that most of these third-party vendors have websites where you can simply visit and buy your data bundle or airtime.

A major advantage these vendors have over the other conventional sellers is that they act as resellers and sell data bundles, particularly, cheaper than the normal rates they are sold for. What this means is that you might be paying lesser for a data package that you would normally buy N5,000.

Not getting carried away, there have been reports of people paying for data bundles without getting them immediately. So before you proceed, do your due diligence to see if the vendor you have chosen to transact with is hassle-free.

3. Bank App

All mobile bank applications in Nigeria are equipped with the ability to buy either data or airtime directly from them to your mobile phone, or even buy on behalf of one of your contacts.

This platform is one of the easiest methods to buy airtime or data bundles directly to your phone as long as you use Airtel, Glo, MTN, 9mobile and any other authorized network provider captured.

The best part of this platform is that it is instantaneous and hassle-free. All you need to have at hand is your mobile number and your e-banking PIN which would be required when finalizing your transaction.

Another best part of this platform is that you do not get to use your debit or credit card. Just choose the corresponding options, enter your phone number, desired airtime or data amount, your e-banking PIN and that’s it.

4. Recharge.Com

Recharge data or cards at Here you can easily top up your call credit and data in Nigeria from anywhere in the world. They have the entire carrier you want to refill. Your top-up will directly be sent to the phone or as a recharge code by email.  Recharge call credit or data has three simple steps:

  1. Select a product- Let them know which product you’re going to buy,
  2. Fill in your information- Fill in your email address and/or the recipient’s phone number,
  3. Pay and receive- After your payment the order will be sent immediately!

They make sure the information you give is secured.

Privacy and safety are very important to them at That’s why there’s a Privacy Policy and an explanation on how safe is. You can pay online without worrying!

5. Loan Apps

Once upon a time, FINTECH companies were a mirage in Nigeria, but the story has changed over time. With the surge in FINTECH companies providing soft loans over the last five years, their presence has not only eased the situation of things and the difficulty that comes with doing app-related transactions.

Just like bank applications, loan apps in Nigeria are now capable of many things. Beyond borrowing, you can either choose pay for your cable TV subscription, pay other bills or simply buy your airtime or data without hassle.

One pitfall that this brings is that you are using a third party application not authorized by your bank. So you might want to be careful by not over-relying excessively using this platform. However, this is not to say that the platform is not safe.

For a start, you might want to read up the privacy policy of the loan company to see how they handle sensitive information provided by users of their apps.

6. Interswitch App

Interswitch is undoubtedly one of the largest  payment processing company in Nigeria. It has one of the robust networks in the market and all automated teller machines (ATM) in Nigeria are equipped with Interswitch. You not only get to buy airtime or data with Interswitch, but you can also do much more, such as pay electricity bills, water bills, taxes, donate to certain organizations, access loans, etc.

Although Interswitch has its dedicated website to do the aforementioned and more,  Some prefer the mobile app which can easily be downloaded on your app’s store.

If at all you want to buy airtime or a data bundle, one of the best places to look is using Interswitch.

7. Network Provider App

With each passing day, Nigerians are fast embracing the strength and power of technology. Almost all network providers in Nigeria today have their mobile apps where you can do so much. You can buy your data bundle directly from your ISP app just by inputting your bank debit or credit card in order to finalize your payment.

While this looks cool, I’ll be quick to warn that it is not the best of moves for many reasons. Airtel’s mobile has proven to be unstable and you could get debited without getting value for your money.

If you are not the type to endure stress, this method might not really be a wise move, particularly for Airtel subscribers.

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