Simplest Way to Cancel Weekly Data Plan after Successful Activation.

To cancel or stop your Weekly Data Plan after successful activation only take few steps. The steps are important because the  automatic data renewal often preinstalled once you subscribe to any of the data plans by the different network providers.

Cancel Weekly Data Plan

The auto-renewal feature will activate automatically when your data expired on every new recharge. But to stop this automatics subscription, you need to pay attention to the information on this page.

The simplest way to Cancel Weekly Data Plan after successful activation for Airtel, MTN, GLO and 9Mobile is to turn off the auto-renewal feature so that your network provider doesn’t tamper with your airtime when the data bundle expires.

How to Cancel Weekly Data Plan.

Other steps includes:

  • To successfully opt out of auto-renewal on Airtel, Send STOP to 141 on your Aitel line and this will cancel the auto-renew feature on your Airtel.
  • To successfully opt out of auto-renewal on MTN Weekly Data Plan, Send “NO113” to 131
  • To successfully opt out of auto-renewal on 9Mobile Weekly Data Plan, text STOP to 229
  • To successfully opt out of auto-renewal on GLO Weekly Data Plan, Simply text Cancel to 127

After completing the aforementioned steps successfully, you’ll get a confirmation message/SMS showing that you’ve opted out of the Weekly Data Plan auto-renewal service.

How to stop MTN daily auto renewal plan?

– For 50MB Daily Plan – Send “NO104” to 131
– For 150MB Daily Plan – Send “NO113” to 131

That is how you can easily stop MTN daily plan auto-renewal.

How to Cancel MTN Weekly Data Plan

– For 150MB Weekly Plan – Send “NO102” to 131
– For 500MB Weekly Plan – Send “NO103” or “NO113” to 131

The above message codes allow you to stop all MTN weekly auto-renewal. From now henceforth, you are free from MTN and their secret auto-renewals.

How to Cancel Airtel Weekly Data Plan

The list below highlights easy USSD codes and SMS you can use to opt-out of auto-renewal on Airtel for Android, BB, Mega, daily, weekly, or monthly data plan bundles.

All you need to do is text Stop to 140. You can also text STOPAUTORENEW to 440. You can also text DEACTIVATE to 440 if you use a blackberry phone

  • Android Bundles: *438*100#
  • Mega bundles: *408*100#
  • BB Bundle: Text STOP AUTO RENEW to 440
  • Daily/Weekly bundles: Text STOP to 141

How to Cancel 9Mobile Weekly Data Plan

With 9Mobile, you just need to dial *229*0. Another method with 9Mobile is to text STOP to 229

How to Cancel GLO Weekly Data Plan

With your Glo data bundle, you can stop the automatic data renewal using this method. Simply text Cancel to 127.

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