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Things to Know About Jace Norman Movies and TV Shows

The little things to know about Jace Norman movies and TV shows are majorly borne out of the ultimate respect and accolades which he deserved in the heart of votives like us who take the time out to  both look into his life and works again, and of course you who also pause a minute just to click and check what we have to say.

Jace Norman: His Life and Career

Jace Lee Norman is an American actor. Jace Lee Norman was born in Corrales, New Mexico on March 21, 2000. He moved to Southern California when he was 8. He was bullied for being dyslexic during middle school. He has an older brother and an older sister, 

His ancestry includes one quarter Lebanese (from his paternal grandfather) and one quarter Puerto Rican/Spanish (from his maternal grandmother).

Norman started his acting career in 2012 with an appearance on Disney’s television series Jessie. He moved to California at the age of 8 and got his first agent when he was 12 years old.

For regulars on Nickelodeon especially the children, Jace Norman is best known for his starring role in Nickelodeon’s hit TV series “Henry Danger” for the past 4 seasons.

The show has been nominated for ‘Favorite TV Show’ at the Kids Choice Awards two years in a row and won the award this year. Jace was also awarded ‘Favorite TV Star’ 3 years in a row, and won all 3. Having started his acting career at the age of 12, Jace landed a guest spot on Disney’s “Jessie” after his very first audition.

From the success of “Henry Danger”, Jace has gone on to star in Nickelodeon’s original TV movies “Spitting Adam,” “Rufus”, “Rufus 2, Blurt, and Bixler High Private Eye.” Jace recently started in the business industry with “Creator Edge Media”, a platform to bring more opportunities to Social Media entertainers. He also a producer, he produced the last 11 Episodes of Henry Danger, and He also produces the Henry Danger spin-off “Danger Force”.

Movies and TV Shows

Below are the list movies which Jace Norman have so far been featured in. Each of these movies has a way contributing immensely into his life and fame:

  • 2013: The Dumb Show as Jace
  • 2015: Nickelodeon’s Ho Ho Holiday Special as Gilbert Palmero
  • 2015: Splitting Adam as Adam Baker
  • 2016: Spark: A Space Tail as Spark (Voice)
  • 2016: Rufus as Rufus
  • 2017: Nickelodeon’s Sizzling Summer Camp Special as Cooper
  • 2017: Rufus-2 as Rufus
  • 2018: Blurt as Jeremy Martin
  • 2019: Bixler High Private Eye as Xander DeWitt
  • 2020: Bigfoot Family as Adam
  • 2020: Henry Danger (produced 11 episodes)
  • 2020-2021: Danger Force (produced 20 episodes)

While the list above is a detail of the number of movies of JACE Norman, below is a list of his TV shows:

  • 2012: Jessie as Finch
  • 2013: The Tundermans as Flunky
  • 2013: Deadtime Stories as Student
  • 2015-2016: Henry Danger Motion Comic as Henry/Kid Danger
  • 2017: The Loud House as Steak Stankco
  • 2018: The Adventures of Kid Danger as Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
  • 2018-2019: Game Shakers as Henry Hart/Kid Danger
  • 2014-2020: Henry Danger as Henry Hart/Kid Danger
  • 2021: Danger Goes Digital as Wi-Fly 2020: Danger Force as Henry Hart

Jace Norman Movies and TV Shows 2023

Below is the surviving movie in which Jace Norman is still featured since 2020:

  • Title of Movie in 2023: Danger Force
  • Role: Henry Hart
  • Episodes: 5

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