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Caleb University Dress Code and Core Values (CU).

Caleb University is one of the private university located in Imota, Lagos Nigeria. The school is renowned for its cleanliness and high academic taste. It is also known to be really strict with its students when it came to paying attention to rules and regulations.

One of the regulations the Caleb University doesn’t joke around is the dress code. Caleb university dress code is measure to make sure that students complied with the University  law of decent dressing. For example, male students must wear decent dress and stay low hair cut within the campus premises.

In the recent time on Nairaland Forum, a story of some students were shared where  barbers was seen at the school gate to enforce hair cut on students  with bulky hair style. Well, this may sound unreasonable to you but don’t forget that we are talking about Caleb university dress code.

Caleb University Dress Code.

Caleb University isn’t the only University in Nigeria with a dress regulations, We have nearly 100 of them. Below are dress code regulations:

  • Bizarre hair-styles are not allowed.
  • Indecent dressing is discountenanced, hence, skirts and skirts suits must be long enough to cover your knees. Cotton materials are, therefore, strongly recommended rather than jumping or clinging or body hugging materials.
  • In the Caleb University, students are not allowed to wear crazy Jeans, crazy Chinos and Corduroy materials because according to the management, these clothing are indecent and diabolic.

As part of efforts to maintain the decent and professional appearance of the students of  Caleb University, the school managements kick against  placement of tattoos in any part. Tattoos is prohibited in Caleb University.

Caleb University  Core Values

To be an innovative leader in producing impactful human resources, and sustaining excellence in learning, service and Godly character.

Providing opportunities for a globally competitive education and research in a Godly environment, with visible and positive societal impact. More About CUL

Core Values stand for

  • → Godliness
  • → Innovation
  • → Service
  • → Integrity
  • → Teamwork
  • → Excellence
  • → Creativity

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