The Smallest Stadium In Africa.

Football is one of the most popular sport in Africa. This is the reason why most countries in Africa are trying to invest more on infrastructure to building world class stadium in the continent. Even though Africa is lagging behind world class infrastructure in sport, there are still number of beautiful stadium in Africa. Among these beautiful stadium, there are small and large stadium.

This article will show you some of the smallest stadium in Africa. There are many smallest stadium in Africa in terms of landmass and capacity.

Today we’ll be looking at the few smallest stadium in Africa. Many of these stadiums are useful for both sporting events like Olympics and non-sporting events like political campaigns, musical concerts, and many more.

The Smallest Stadium In Africa.

Although  stated the location, field size, and year opened, our major ranking factor is based on their capacity. Perhaps you are already wondering how small these stadium are as well as where they are located. Take a sip of hot coffee and enjoy the ride.

1. Cairo Military Academy Stadium.

Cairo Military Academy Stadium has the capacity of 28,500 and  400 VIP section. The stadium is located in the city of Cairo Egypt, inaugurated in 1989 and renovated in 2005. The stadium is the home ground of Al-Jaish Cairo football club.

The Cairo Military Academy Stadium is one of the smallest stadium in Africa situated  in the city of Cairo with 28,500 total capacity.

Cairo Military Academy Stadium was one of six stadiums to be used in the 2006 African Cup of Nations, held in Egypt.

The Stadium is seven miles up the road from Cairo International Stadium, heading for Cairo International Airport. It was built in 1989 for the use of military teams and students at the military academy.

The Cairo Military Academy Stadium is rated among the smallest stadium in Africa because of it capacity ground accommodated home  gamesof Al Ahly and Zamalek during the refurbishing of the Cairo International Stadium and occasionally still serves to stage matches of the old foes. The Cairo Military Academy Stadium has a small roof extension serving as a cover for the main stand.

2. Stade Olympique de Sousse.

Stade Olympique de Sousse is endow with the capacity of 28,000, 325 press seats and  217 VIP section. The stadium is located in the city of Sousse Tunisia, inaugurated in 1973 and renovated in 2004. The stadium is the home ground of Étoile Sportive du Sahel football club.

The Stade Olympique de Sousse is a multi-purpose stadium in Sousse, Tunisia.

It is used by the football team Étoile du Sahel, and was used for the 2004 African Cup of Nations. The stadium holds 28,000 people. It hosts within it the meetings played by the football team of the city: Étoile sportive du Sahel.

3. Francistown Stadium.

Francistown Stadium has the capacity of 27,000 and the surface type is grass. Francistown Stadium is located in Francistown, Botswana.

It is a relatively new stadium that has been available only for three years. Although it is suitable for different kinds of sports, it is mainly used for football matches.

The stadium is the home ground of TAFIC (Tati African Federation Independent Club), the club that relegated from the Botswana Premier League in 2014. The total capacity of Francistown Stadium is 27,000 people, and it has a running track around the football field.

4. Suez Stadium.

Suez Stadium is a 27,000 people capacity and the surface type is grass. Suez Stadium was built in the year 1990 and situated near the El Kornaish Lake and Bur Ibrahim Port.

Suez Stadium is home to Suez Cement SC and Petrojet Sporting Club playing in the top tier of Egyptian Football. Apart from football matches, track and field tournaments and competitions are also hosted at Suez Stadium on a regular basis.

5. Botswana National Stadium.

Botswana National Stadium has the capacity of 25,000 and beautiful surface type, located in the city of Gaborone and renovated in 2009-2010.

Botswana National Stadium distinctive feature is the audience layout with  independent grandstands. Three of them together make for the main stand with seats and cover.

The 2009-2010 renovation meets FIFA’s criteria with fresh paintwork seen in 7 uncovered stands and a new running track as well (all in blue, the national colour).

Currently it’s the country’s largest stadium, but this is to change once the new Francistown stadium (400km north of the capital) is finished. With 25,000 seats the Francistown venue will be bigger, but construction is suffering from major drawbacks and is late by several years.

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