Jobs in Psychology for Bachelor Degree

You might have been wondering about potential jobs in psychology for bachelor degree. A bachelor’s degree in psychology is as versatile as it is popular. It is a strong foundation for successful career to a wide range of promising fields. Psychology allows you to learn about the brain, human behavior, emotion and offers wide range of  unique jobs. You can make a real difference in the lives of others certainly with this course.

Bachelor degree in psychology takes up to four or five year to complete and focus on psychological theories, methods, and history. Courses that you may take include: lifespan development, clinical psychology, statistics, mathematics, experimental psychology, English, science, human development, abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology and sociology.

In this write-up are some examples of different industries with potential job for psychologist, which include:

  • Health Care

Psychologist take part in contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities in various ways by working together with other health care specialists in providing treatment plans to different patients, such as people living with disabilities or individuals who have substance abuse issues.

The health care sector is a large employer of psychology graduates. Some institutions that hire psychology majors include hospitals, rehabilitation centers and long-term care facilities as Psychiatric aide, Case manager, rehabilitation specialist, psychiatric technician, mental health technician, mental health therapist, Clinical psychologists, Neuropsychologists and forensic psychologist.

  • Human Services

Psychology and human services works mutually, as a result, human services jobs concern providing social assistance to people in need and interacting with them. Psychology jobs in the human services field include: counseling services such as career and mental health counselor, disability specialist, social worker and child welfare worker.

  • Education

Degree in psychology helps in understanding of human development, learning processes, alternative methods of learning and individual differences which can be incredibly valuable in helping students reach their full abilities. Skill in psychology can as well help in resolving conflict among students and teach children with functional needs. Some psychology jobs within education sector include, school psychologist working with young children, preschool teacher, speech-language pathologist, special education teacher, school counselor, curriculum developer, educational consultant or educational researcher.

  • Business

Many jobs within the business industry involve analyzing and working with other people. Moreover, a psychology degree can help you better understand businesspeople and clients and use your knowledge to aid different organizations. You can work as public relations specialist, human resources manager, market researcher, human resources consultant, recruitment specialist or consumer psychologist.

  • Law Enforcement

However, jobs in psychology for bachelor degree is also available in law enforcement agencies, the understanding of human behavior, criminal thinking, and crisis intervention can be highly valuable in assisting to keep communities secure and maintain justice. You might choose to work as correctional officer, detective, police psychologist, forensic psychologist, crime analyst or probation officer.

Others include:

  • Sport and exercise psychologist
  • Play therapist
  • Policy officer
  • Psychotherapist
  • Social researcher
  • Financial Aid Counselor
  • Fund Raiser
  • Writer
  • UX Designer
  • Animal Trainer and so on.

Above all, many of the jobs above need further skills and/or qualification. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, you may decide to further your education and earn a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Psychology or any related field. It’s a good idea to build up your work experience as soon as you can either by  volunteering or internship to strengthen your resume.

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