Transfer Code for Zenith Bank and Account Security Code

Like other commercial banks, Zenith bank is not excluded from providing USSD code for easy monetary transactions. This USSD code has indeed made things much easier and faster. There are certain requirements to be passed before activating USSD code for your Zenith bank account. To activate your  Zenith bank account for online banking, visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch

After activation, you can easily transfer money from your Zenith Bank account from your mobile phone without the need for the Internet. To do so, just follow the simple steps below: Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# from your mobile number registered with your account at Zenith Bank.

Transfer Code for Zenith Bank

Transfer Code for Zenith Bank

Here’s the USSD transfer code for zenith bank which enables transfer of money from Zenith Bank to Zenith Bank account and other banks via mobile phone (Zenith Bank Transfer Code)

The USSD transfer code for zenith bank to transfer money from Zenith Bank account to another bank account is *966*. To use this code dial *966*Amount*Account Number# from the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank, then follow the on-screen prompts for transfers.  Other codes includes:

  • Zenith Bank USSD Code for Opening Account is *966*0#
  • Zenith Bank USSD Code for Check balance is *966*00#
  • Zenith Bank USSD Code for Airtime Top-Up for Self/Others is  *966*Amount*Mobile Number#
  • Zenith Bank USSD Code to Pay bills (DSTv and PHCN) is *966*7*Amount*Customer ID#
  • Zenith Bank USSD Code to Deactivate Account  is *966*911#
  • Zenith Bank USSD Code to Block Card is *966*60#

Zenith Bank Account Security Code

Protecting yourself online is easy if you take the time to find out what you can do to stay ahead of hackers and other elements of the criminal web. This is a good place to start. Follow the tips for a worry-free online banking experience.

Zenith Bank account security code for online banking is *966*911#. Zenith Bank Plc has become the first Nigerian Bank to successfully launch its Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) account control code, *966*911#.

This unique code stops unauthorized transactions and protects the account holder’s funds in the event of mobile phone, ATM Card or hardware token loss as well as account details compromise.

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