Best Study Abroad Admission Agencies in Nigeria.

There are best study abroad admission agencies in Nigeria where students can have the golden opportunities to travel abroad especially to many of the countries of choice in Europe, Asia, and America, etc. As it is certain that such students will be able to lay hand on standard knowledge on a global scale, it becomes very imperative that you have the list of the best study abroad admission agencies in Nigeria. And this is no problem to have at all.

Studying abroad is a big deal in Nigeria if you do not have the right connect in terms of the agencies that will have to put you through the modus operandi of getting admission abroad and this is basically necessary for you in order to avoid getting drowned by the rigors that you may face if without them.

Best Study Abroad Admission Agencies in Nigeria.

1. Lekkside Education Consultant

Lekkside Education Consultants is one of the most successful international student recruitment companies and the best study abroad admission agencies in Nigeria. They focus on recruiting and guiding prospective students towards appropriate education opportunities at universities, colleges, schools & training institutes around the world.

This agency has also built trust over the years helping a number of Nigerian students to achieve their dream anywhere abroad. It is certain that they are not in this industry just  for the business, but too also build relationships with our partners & students all across.

2. Visa Gate Edu-Consulting Ikeja Branch

Experts in placing students in Australia, Canada, Europe, Dubai, UK and USA thereby assisting them achieve their dreams of qualitative international educational goal, Visa Gate Edu-Consulting is a registered consulting firm with expertise in international education placement services and it is one of the best study abroad admission agencies in Nigeria. They have counsellors that have vast experience and can render in-depth, impartial advice on our services and are able to give initial assessment before an application is made. We also render accommodation and pre-departure briefings.

3. Emion Placement Resources Limited.

This is another one of the best study abroad admission agencies in Nigeria. This is because of the wide tentacles it gives to students to international admission into different schools in different countries like UK, China, USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Ukraine, etc.

4. Morgan Consultancy Services.

This agency is a regulated Canadian Immigration Firm in Nigeria which is specialized in overseeing and processing Canada visa; Study permit/visa, working and business visa and immigration to Canada via various path way that leads to acquire PR (Permanent Resident) from your home country. As a certified Canadian Immigration firm, Morgan provides information and counselling to students for career exploration. Being the best study abroad admission agencies in Nigeria, their team of consultants, lawyers and other support staff in Nigeria and Canada have been serving individuals, families and corporations from many different countries.

5. TGMarchnata Education (TGM Education)

TG Marchnata (TGM Education) is not only the best study abroad admission agencies in Nigeria, but it is also a leading International Education Agency in Nigeria with over 25years of professional student placement and visa counseling service experience representing and placing students into A-Level, Foundation, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PHD degree Programs at top and world ranked institutions around the world mainly in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

TGM counsellors are highly trained and experienced, and are standing by to help you through this difficult decision.

6. Diptot International Consult.

Diptot International Educational Consult Limited, an affiliate of Diptot Communications Limited is registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission in the year 2012 and has the registration number RC 1101931. In the year 2019, the organization expanded to 1460 the Queensway Unit 4306 Etobicoke, Toronto Canada. It has over 11 years of experience in providing valuable services to clients and has expanded to international locations and its strong presence in Nigeria, Canada and the United Kingdom make it one of the best study abroad admission agencies in Nigeria.

7. Avail International Consult.

AVAIL INTERNATIONAL CONSULT LIMITED (AICL), has maintained one simple philosophy: To provide high-quality international academic programs and services. That means support at each step of your experience, from the moment you apply to the day you earn a qualification. Along the way you’ll learn to communicate across cultures. You’ll learn while gaining valuable skills. And you’ll discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible. It has been the best study abroad admission agencies in Nigeria since 2011, and many students do not fail to appreciate the fact that they have had something to do with the school.

Other Best and Reliable International Agencies Available in Nigeria to Study Abroad are:

  • Mainbrain International Global Education.
  • Student Travel International.
  • Imperial Educational Services.
  • E-Global International Education.

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