Biblical Meaning of Alligators in Dreams

In case you have been worrying about it, here is the Biblical meaning of alligators in dreams. It is no news that alligators are a large reptile in the family, Alligatoridae. There are two extant species in the world and they are the American alligator and the Chinese alligator.

Additionally, several extinct species of alligator are known from fossil remains.

However, there is the mundane and spiritual significance of each and every natural animal or thing in the world when they are seen in the dreams. One of such things that can be understood through their earthly attributes in comparison with spiritual interpretations is the Alligator.

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In dreams, alligators often convey a symbolic message. Symbolic dreams usually have a hidden meaning that relates to your life. God often speaks in parables and riddles to encourage believers to seek him for the interpretation.

Biblical Meaning of Alligators in Dreams

The biblical meaning of alligator in dreams is jealousy, unhealthy behaviors, deception, fears, spiritual attacks, and danger aheadAlso, escaping or killing an alligator means victory in your life challenges. We will therefore be listing the biblical meaning of alligators in dreams of various kinds and forms when you sleeping:

Human Characteristics

Essentially, an alligator can show the behaviors of someone in your life. In Ezekiel 29:4, the Egyptian Pharaoh was described as a large alligator. The Pharaoh was prideful and rebellious. So, God symbolically destroyed Pharaoh by using a fishing hook in his jaw. In your dreams, alligators show a need for repentance and obedience.

Being watched, chased, or attacked by an alligator means you should evaluate your life for problematic relationships. The alligator in your life might represent hidden enemies seeking to stop you from shining brightly. Our human enemies can prey on us like alligators.

In Psalm 56:6, David is fearful of King Saul harming him. He states: “They conspire, they lurk, they watch my steps, hoping to take my life.” In this situation, his enemies were sneaky and approached him as an alligator-like predator. Therefore, dreams with alligators are reminders to solve relational conflicts with people around you. Or create distance with those whom refuse to repent.

Unhealthy Emotions

Your enemy might not be someone in your circle or community. Your enemy could be your own mindset and behaviors. Unfortunately, your own unhealthy emotions can harm you. Unhealthy emotions include pride, jealousy, unforgiveness, control, manipulation, lust, fear, etc.  (1 Peter 5:8John 1:5; Psalm 56:5-6)

A dream of an alligator chasing you can represent your own emotions causing you harm. This type of dream is revealing fear and unhealthy emotions. To eliminate negative emotions, start exploring your feelings. And continue seeking healing in areas that are hindering your progress

Spiritual Attacks

Alligators are less aggressive and faster than crocodiles. Dreaming of an alligator means there is less hostile issues surrounding you. They attack when afraid, disturbed, or protecting their eggs. Essentially, alligators are more afraid of humans, than you are of them.

Dreaming of an alligator attacking someone else can represent you harming others. Or your reaction to others being harmed. To dream of an alligator in a house indicates your own unhealthy emotions that you have grown comfortable with. Sadly, negative feelings are causing problems in your life.

Dreaming of an alligator attacking means a problem is currently stressing you out. The dream was revealed to inspire you to pray and/or remove yourself from a situation that seeks to harm you.

Encouragement to Pray More

Dreaming of alligators should encourage you to get spiritually prepared. To protect yourself simply pray and stand firm on biblical promises. Other protective actions include healing emotional wounds, walking in purity, and being a part of a Christ-centered community is effective to escape attacks.

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