The Body Part that’s not There When Baby is Born

Isn’t it amazing to know that there is the body part that’s not there when baby is born? Well, the human body itself is a mystery which, thanks to the anatomists, is still being resolved piecemeal even to this day!

It should be surprising to know that there are some parts of the body which of course do not grow ever since the minute of birth, as much as the ones that begin to grow from the moment of birth to the point of death. You should make no mistake of doubting the veracity of the truth that there is also the body part that’s though not there when a baby is born but is later found, growing and fattening later.

Funny? Truly, the physical substance of the human organism is composed of living cells and extracellular materials and organized into tissues, organs, and systems which may appear wonderful, judging by the biological arrangement of it.

Is there really the body part that’s not there when baby is born? In subsequent paragraphs, it is your duty to pay attention to getting the answer for yourself without stressing unnecessarily. This content, after having made the right research about the question, has then garnered enough facts to open your mind further on the topic.

The Cause for a Missing Body Part When Baby is Born

At creation and during birth, most humans are often complete structurally because nature can be so perfect at what it creates and sends to us humans. But then are other reasons why some body may not be there at the point of birth. One of the major reasons is birth defects. We shall look into it:

  • Birth Defects

Birth defects are abnormal growth changes in your body that happen during fetal development. These changes can affect any part of your child’s body. A healthcare provider can detect birth defects during pregnancy, after your baby is born or later during your child’s life. Most providers identify a birth defect within your child’s first year. Not all birth defects are visible.

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While some birth defects can be life-threatening, the impact they have on your child’s life varies based on their diagnosis. Some birth defects only change your child’s appearance, while others can affect the way they think, move and function.

  • Bone or Missing Limb

This only reasons as discussed above can cause bone growth abnormalities that cause short stature, missing limbs or scoliosis. It may even be the cause of a complete absence of bone around a region of the body and that may then cause to be without some body part that may not be there during birth.

However, it may grow back, and it may not grow back. The fact is that body defects can be the reason why some body part is not there during the time a baby is born.

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