About Igede Agba and Igede Language.

About Igede Agba and Igede Language- The igede tribe and language is one the official tribe in Benue State Nigeria. The Igede community covers two local government in Benue State,  which Oju and Obi local government.

The Igede people are a Nigerian ethnic group in Lower Benue State of Nigeria. They are native to the Oju and Obi local government areas of Nigeria.

History Of Igede Language:

According to the information available across education resources and online, the Igede trace their origin to Sabon Gida Ora in present-day Edo state. They are said to be the descendants of Agba, a high chief in Sabon Gida Ora.

A skirmish between the Igede and the natives of Ora led to their migration from that region to present-day Benue state through Nsukka in Enugu state.

The historical event of Igede history is commonly recounted  about  Igede Agba & Igede Language, Song and Drama, for instance the record and drama piece “Ego ny’Igede.

The Igede are predominantly farmers cultivating maize, cassava, groundnut and yams. Igede is home of the popular Igede-Agba festival, a colourful annual celebration that marks the yam harvest season in September.

The New Yam Festival is therefore a celebration depicting the prominence of yam in the social-cultural life of the Igede people and all Agba Descendants such as the Obudu and Bekwara people.

The emphasis being placed on yam by the Agba sons is not out of place as research has shown that yam has a lot of health and economic benefits.

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About Igede Agba Festival:

The Igede Agba Festival is not just a tag of celebration, dancing and eating it has a rational attestation and ethical connotation.

It is a period which encourage the feeling of appreciation by Igede people to their maker (God). And also to show regards for others. Both natural and moral without regards for oneself alone, but devotion to the interest of others such as brotherly kindness and selflessness.

The Igede Agba Festival serves as the most important day to a typical Igede man and Agba Descendants as it is the only celebration that creates a sense of nationalism in the descendants of Agba.

It is the best form through which families show love, sense of belonging, unity, communalism and harmonious living, giving and rejoicing with one another in good harmony.

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