I May Breakup With My Boyfriend –  300L UI DLC Student.

Finding one good boyfriend on campus is very lovely especially when you know how to play your game in such that it doesn’t distract your academic work.

 Breakup With My Boyfriend

I and my boyfriend have known each other since we were 100L. He was in Philosophy department, I was in English department UI Distance Learning and we had some few mutual friends. We started dating since first semester after our orientation and matriculation three years ago and we did all the loving things together, like reading, studying, cooking, sporting, kissing, talking and those you can think of. LOL

He was my first kiss till date in UI distance learning. We’ve never had a breakup that’s gone on for longer than, say, the span of an argument.

There were times where we probably should have, especially when he thought I was diverting the love to someone else. That was when we started drifting apart; there were some rough patches but we fixed it as soon as possible.

He was being really social and going out a lot, whereas I’ve always been a bit of a homebody but he’s always ready to engage me social activities which sometimes make me forget about rough moment.

Recently we fought about something I will not like to disclose. Or let me just say it.  I went through his phone and since then I have been anxious and depressed and I felt like he’s not who I used to know and now I’m thinking I may breakup with my boyfriend.

Looking back at how sweet my boyfriend is, I find it difficult to let go. My friends advised I breakup with my boyfriend and  go our separate ways but then am not fully ready to let go. I love him and he told me he was sorry and he really felt bad, he was like, he wishes he never disappointed me.

Maybe the advice sounds harsh and I believe anyone in a relationship presently can relate. That’s why I brought my case up here to share with you; to check if anyone had feels the same way when someone you loved ever disappointed you.


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