Top 7 Career Opportunities For History Degree Holder.

Career Opportunities For History Degree:– You know what you want to do, so here is your chance to make it happen. All you need to do is get the right degree and your desired career will be right in front of you. Take your first step by exploring the possibilities as a history major in University.

Career Opportunities For History Degree

When you think of a history major, you may think of becoming a secondary school teacher or a historian, but Career Opportunities For History Degree holder is beyond the ordinary. The path of a history major after college is not clear because the options are numerous.

The workforce today is looking for qualified individuals who are capable of thinking critically, communicating clearly and solving abstract problems. The history program offers courses that meet the need for ever-changing and varied future careers. You will pick up on transferable skills that apply to careers you may have never considered. However, explore the career opportunities a history degree holder can do below:

Top 7 Career Opportunities For History Degree Holder

Career Opportunities For History Degree

  • Lawyer
  • Editor, Journalist or Writer
  • Event Planner
  • Business/Management
  • Geographer
  •  Archivist
  • Curator

Career Opportunities History Degree Can Do

1.  Lawyer

With continued education, history majors can make excellent lawyers. If you think about the work of a lawyer, they must analyze precedents and events to develop their case. They have to find explanations for theories and decipher between falsifications and authenticity. History students master these skills in their undergraduate term. If you are interested in law, then you should consider a history degree.

2.  Editor, Journalist or Writer

Beyond a career in history, many graduates work in the media. As a journalist or writer, you will research and collect information on topics relevant to your company. This work could be for news stories, magazines or other outlets. Other roles could include writing publications or screenplays and maybe even your own book. As a history major, you will be prepared to write, analyze research and think critically. 

3.  Event Planner

Another career that you may not have considered for a history major is an event planner. Cultural and historical organizations hire history graduates to plan fundraisers, banquets, tours and other celebratory events. Combine your passion for history with event planning and this may be your perfect career.

4.  Business/Management

Behind the scenes of every business is an office that needs managing. By showcasing your organization, communication and leadership skills, you could become the historical organizations administrative assistant or office manager. You would be in charge of running the business to ensure all schedules and policies are maintained.

 Anthropologists, museum conservator, librarian, historian, teacher or filmmaker are also potential careers for history majors.

By studying the past, our majors learn to think with rigor, write with clarity, to analyze evidence and to research with proficiency. It is more than documentaries and studying the past, it is piecing together how we got here today.

The focus is on the day after graduation by providing a wide array of internships to build your resume. You will leave with the skills necessary to foster your career.

5. Geographer

Geographers specialize in physical or human geography. When the two come together, they connect cultures, societies and the economy with natural landscapes. As a history major, you will study concepts that analyze climate change, citizenship and diversity, pollution and civil development. With this background, you can help create the future.

6.   Archivist

Do you have a hobby, interest or organization that engages your attention? If you are committed to understanding how the past developed the present state, then a career as an archivist may be for you. You will discover and gather artifacts and determine the worth. Then, you will make them accessible for public knowledge and use. As an archivist, you will be revisiting, and possibly, rewriting history.

7.  Curator

As a curator, you could be the one responsible for creating new exhibits. This career combines the work of history with design by putting you in charge of display themes. Other roles may include giving tours of the facility, because who better knows the displays than the one who created them? While you teach others about history, you may also be responsible for the upkeep of displays and fundraising and promotion activities.

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