9 Career Paths Students Can Choose to Travel for Work

Career Paths Students Can Choose to Travel for Work – If traveling adventures are something you cannot live without, they might become a part of your career path. There is no need to stop doing what you love, as there are plenty of jobs in various fields that allow or involve traveling.

What Jobs You Can Travel With

College is a perfect time to explore the world around you. Students can go on group or single trips and enjoy a multitude of discounts and deals. Of course, the main obstacle here is the syllabus and the plethora of projects students have to do.

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This can be a lifesaver for those who want to get the best out of the college experience. And there is no need to stop traveling after graduation. If this is something you want to do, you can choose a career that allows that.

Typically, four types of jobs allow traveling, namely:

  • Careers that involve travel;
  • Remote jobs;
  • Jobs that allow long breaks;
  • International jobs based in another country.

Some of them might be directly linked to adventures, like the tourism industry. Others might just give students more freedom with their time.

Careers that Involve Travel

  • Flight Attendant

Flight attendants visit many cities in their country or all over the world. This depends on their expertise and the airline they are working on. And you will get a lot of flight benefits as well.

To become a flight attendant, you need to be physically capable of standing for long periods. There are also requirements as to health, heights, and experience in customer service. Knowledge of foreign languages is always a benefit. Also, students looking into this position need to get the Federal Aviation Administration certification. Usually, beginners start with domestic flights and move to international ones later.

  • Travel Nurse

Those who are majoring in Healthcare and want to help others can become travel nurses. You will become a registered nurse that goes to a hospital or clinic when there is a need for temporary work. Such nurses work for a staffing agency.

The only downside is that you do not always get to choose destinations for your next trip. To pursue this career, students need an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, a license, registration, and a year of experience in acute care.

  • Event Organizer

Students that are great in project management, communication, and organization can opt for this one. You may work on a variety of events all over the world, from trade shows to weddings or conferences. If you enjoy planning and can handle stress decently, this is a perfect option.

Usually, one needs a BA in Communication, Hospitality, PR, Marketing, or Business.

  • Retail Buyer

Students that are majoring in Fashion or Retail might look into this opportunity. Retail buyers go to various destinations to find materials or products that are unavailable otherwise. For instance, you might fly to a distant location to find a specific fabric.

If you are passionate about fashion, materials, and exploration, this is a great career choice.

Remote Jobs

  • Graphic Designer

Although this career has little to do with trips, it can be done fully remotely. This means that professionals can arrange flights for them whenever they feel like it. As long as there is a stable internet connection, you can work from any place in the world.

To become a graphics designer, one needs a BA in a related field.

  • Software Developer

Software developers can also perform their responsibilities from the comfort of their homes or a hotel in the other part of the globe. This is a well-paid job with a lot of growth opportunities. But it is not for everyone as it requires education in Computer Science and strong hard skills when it comes to programming.

  • Writer

Students that are good with words and always easily write their assignments might become writers. This career doesn’t require you to go to the office, and you can explore the world while earning money.

Also, there is a great variety of niches within the writing. One can become a blogger, copywriter, technical writer, scriptwriter, etc.

Jobs With Long Breaks

  • Professor

Professors and teachers have relatively long breaks compared to other professionals. They can travel during summer or winter breaks and explore new places. Professors also can get 6-month sabbaticals every 6 years.

At the same time, you can work on research and build a fruitful academic career.

  • Management Consultant

Consultants work on a project basis and help businesses achieve specific goals. For example, you can become a management consultant. This means assisting a company in improving efficiency and boosting productivity. Some consultants travel for several days a week to a company’s headquarters.

Others relocate for a couple of months for every project. Management consulting is quite competitive, and there is not as much flexibility in choosing destinations. But it is a well-paid field.

Jobs in Other Countries

Those who are willing to relocate for a long period might work in another country. For instance, you can be:

  • NGO employee;
  • English teacher;
  • Journalist;
  • Anthropologist;
  • Archaeologist;
  • Scuba diving instructor;
  • Cartographer;
  • Diplomat;
  • Translator, etc

In Summary

If you are passionate about traveling, it can become a part of your career. It can be directly linked to the position. Or you can work remotely and enjoy the flexibility it gives.  

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