Top 10 Careers in Agricultural Sector.

Here are top 10 careers in agricultural sector that you should be paying attention to in case you are the kind that studies or has a knack for agricultural practices. Agriculture provides a very lucrative platform on which anyone who is interested could conveniently make their living without having to grumble for money. The agricultural sector has been for many countries of the world a honey pot of wealth as it has greatly assisted the efficient fiscal management of national budgets being the source itself.

Little wonder major countries have begun their popular crusade both academically and politically for the importance of agriculture and agricultural practices as contingent upon the public need to grow, to feed, and to improve revenue, and of course, as contributory to the growth and development of the society where it is fully studied and practiced.

Top 10 Careers in Agricultural Sector.

In agriculture as an academic course of study, there are numerous and respected courses that you may study in order to further boost your career and help emerge professional at the end of the day. The study of these courses will no doubt make you become a luminary in any of these top 10 careers in agricultural sector:

1. Food Scientist

Being a food scientist is one of the top 10 careers in agricultural sector for its profitability and broad functions in the society. A food scientist no doubt is that who pays attention to the nutritional informational of a kind of food as long as he monitors the appropriateness of the food’s consumption. The normalcy that must follow the planting and growth of food is monitored by the food scientist.

2. Agricultural Engineer

On of the top 10 careers in agricultural sector is an agricultural engineer, and you will have to seek to improve current farming methods, designing new equipment and machinery using computer aided technology that will facilitate propriety in the practices of farming. The management of soil and farmlands is also the service of the agricultural engineer whose attention must be on the control of erosion, irrigation, and electrification of the environment.

3. Environmental Engineer

Just like the agricultural engineer whose however not restricted to machines or tools only, the work of environmental engineers is so important to agriculture that it minds the nature of the farm environment and so adds professional touches which in turn improves on the effective growing of the plants and fertility of the soil. By combining principles from different science fields, environmental engineers create systems that aim to prevent future damages like soil erosion, deforestation and pollution. It is indeed another one of the top 10 careers in agricultural sector.

4. Agricultural Economist

An agricultural economist will know how to apply microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts and theories to understand economic decisions, such as why shoppers make certain decisions about the food they buy and how the government chooses how to support farmers. They are always found to be analyzing economic data to find and determine trends in economic activity in the society. This career is no doubt needed by every government of any society.

5. Farm Manager

The farm manager is a also respected and distinguished in the society as farm management is one of the most important and of course one of the top 10 careers in agricultural sector that oversees the running of the farm and make business decisions whilst keeping within budget parameters. The maintenance and repair of farm buildings and equipment is their major role, while the marketing of farm products and ensuring that those products are ready as and when due to meet the needs of the society are secondary roles.

6. Soil and Plant Scientist

How the effective maintenance of the soil will affect plant growth, and also sustain the fertility of the soil are the major responsibilities of the soil and plant scientist. This is what makes undeniable in the listing of the top 10 careers in agricultural sector. The soil and plant scientist also is expected to research alternative methods of growing crops (such as genetic modification) in order to maximize efficiency and consistent productions of massive farm goods.

7. Equipment Operator

The equipment operator does not have to play its professional roles elsewhere other than with the farm equipment and machines. The world is constantly moving and new machines are fast coming in order to ease the tedious activities of manual farming. So, subsequent to coping with the demands of modern mechanical farming, the place of equipment operator becomes imperative. It is therefore considered one of the top 10 careers in agricultural sector.

8. Horticulturist

A horticulturist is involved in monitoring the entire production process – overseeing the growing, packaging, distribution, general management and selling of flowers and plants in gardens. Typical day to day activities might see you supervising and training staff, managing pest/weed control programs, writing business plans, developing new products, marketing products, negotiating contracts with buyers and sellers, and helping to sell the finished products.

9. Agricultural Salesperson 

In agricultural sales, all you will need to do is sell machinery, animal feed, fertilizers and seed to farmers and the general public. You will be expected to be an expert in your product and will often advise farmers on products. You will need to be able to listen to the needs of the farmer, and then recommend the correct products to suit their requirements.

10. Zoologist

Just as the horticulturist, the business of a zoologist is studying and managing animals both in the wild and captivity. The stay around the zoo, looking after and training the wild animals (i.e. gathering data on how they interact with their ecosystems). The zoologist are appreciated in civilized worlds where the animals and other related organism are considered important. Thus, there is no shame in classifying as one of the top 10 careers in agricultural sector.

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