Biggest Challenges to Starting Computer Business Center in Nigeria.

What are the biggest challenges to starting computer business center in Nigeria? How can you handle and solve problems in computer business center? Must you face these challenges to starting computer business center?

Challenges to Starting Computer Business Center

If any of the above questions is currently running through your mind, then I will advice you read on as I trash out the top  challenges you will face when starting a computer business center in Nigeria.

If you are an entrepreneur, then I believe you will be familiar with the challenges associated with  building a business from scratch. But if not, and you dream of becoming one someday; then I think you will find this article helpful.

This piece of work wish to aspire you to prepare in advance for challenges involved in starting computer business center in Nigeria. The tips never wish to discourage or scare you from going into business.  I wish you to venture into starting computer business center in Nigeria with a feeling of confidence.

No business is without its own challenges. And that’s why you must take the time to consider some of the challenges that can come with a computer business Centre.

Some of the challenges to starting computer business center in Nigeria include:

  • Risk of software viruses that can lead to file lost or  harmful to your computers.
  • ⇒ You need  training on how to  use computers, software and other tools.
  • You need adequate capital to setup a standard business Centre.
  • ⇒ You need to be patient and have excellent customer service skills.
  • ⇒ Inadequate Power Supply in some regions  makes it difficult for such business run effectively and the cost in the price of petroleum product leads to increase in working/running capital and a decrease in monthly turnover.

Challenges of Starting Computer Business Center in Nigeria.

These are the biggest challenges to starting computer business center in Nigeria:

1. Raising Capital for your Computer Business Center.

The main challenge you are going to face when starting a computer business Centre in Nigeria from scratch is that of raising capital.

It is difficult to raise business capital in Nigeria. There are so many loan platform in Nigeria but the terms and conditions is not friendly, this mean there are more to raising capital than just simply asking for money.

Most investors in Nigeria want to invest in already established businesses with minimal risk and they want to be sure that they get returns for the risk they took.

To overcome the challenge of raising capital for your computer business Centre in Nigeria, you must develop the ability to sell your idea and vision to potential investors. When I say: “sell your ideas“, I mean improving your communication skills and your manner of presentation.

In the game of raising capital, you must have a good story to tell, backed by a strong business plan.

2. Finding Good Employees.

It is not a easy task to finding good employees when starting a computer business Centre. The process of finding an employee is more than simply presenting the job description and the right employee surface.

It is  difficult to find a hardworking, trustworthy employee. Most employees want to work less and get paid more. Finding a good employee who will be passionate about delivering his or her services is quite difficult.

You may have great employees but if they can’t act as a team, they are worthless and will yield nothing but stagnation. A football team may have great players but if they fail to play as a team, their combined possessed skills are utterly useless.

Employees are the representatives of your computer business Centre to your customers and the outside world. They are a reflection of your business culture and ethics. If just one of your employees rude to just one of your customers, it is going to portray a bad image for your computer business Centre. Remember: Bad news travels fast! So you must be very careful when hiring employees. Remember the golden rule of business; “Hire slow and fire fast.

3. Getting Good Customers.

How to get good customers is one the  challenges to starting a computer business Centre in Nigeria. Note the keyword “good customers.” In the process of building your computer  business centre, you will come to find out that there are good customers as well as bad customers.

You must be on guard for bad customers. Good customers are really hard to find. A good customer will be loyal to your business center and will be willing to forgive you if you make a mistake and apologize. A good customer will try to do the right thing that will benefit both him/herself and your company mutually.

Bad customers will always look for loopholes of your computer business Centre to exploit and make a few gains. Bad customers will always try to exploit your computer business Centre goodwill and look for ways to rip off the company. Bad customers are responsible for bad debts.

Good customers build your business and bad customers will always try to liquidate your business. Just as you fire employees, you must also be prepared to fire bad customers without hesitation.

4. Problem of Products and Services.

Here is a complete list of all the services carried out by a computer business Centre below;

  1. Photocopying
  2. Scanning
  3. Typing
  4. Printing
  5. Spiral binding
  6. Laminating (optional)
  7. Online registration (optional)
  8. Disc burning (optional)
  9. Digital passports (optional)

It is difficult to sort for the above services without adequate training and good employees. Those are all the essential services that are expected from a computer business centre. Some of the items listed above are optional, it means you cannot start the business without really offering these services.

Also ‘online registration’ is part of the business, this requires you to check exam results for people, fill online application forms, etc.

5. Location Problem.

Getting a suitable place or location  is one the biggest challenges to starting a computer business Centre in Nigeria. Location is of utmost importance in this line of business, sufficed to say it might not be easy to find. But finding a  location near educational or major government institutions, near a district with office buildings, inside university campuses can a very good idea.

Computer business centre run successfully in any urban city or suburban town.  Location is also key in determining shop rent prices, usually for a shop the size of a garage it starts from N80,000 – N150,000 Naira annually in some places and even less or more in some city.

How do you get a location that has a rapidly growing population, good road network and other amenities at a good price in Nigeria? Well, you will have to figure out yourself. Nowadays many office buildings are empty due to the financial crisis, and rents are negotiable.

6. Equipment.

There are several things to purchase when starting out your computer business centre. However, it’s only wise to cut your budget and buy the most essential tools for success.

You will definitely need a computer system (laptop or desktops). You also need a Photocopier and a printer as we mentioned earlier. Depending on how much you have, you could buy a used device that’s still in good condition or new one that come with a warranty. List of equipment to starting out your computer business centre includes:

  • ⇒ Laptop or Desktop Computers: At least one for a start.
  • ⇒ Digital Camera
  • ⇒ Photo Printer
  • ⇒ UPS
  • ⇒ Printer: All-in-one purpose printer or an Inkjet Printer
  • ⇒ Internet modem: If you planning a cyber cafe
  • ⇒ Papers of different sizes
  • ⇒ Internet Dongle
  • ⇒ Bio-metric Scanner
  • ⇒ Paper cutter
  • ⇒ Furniture: Three plastic stools, one wooden table
  • ⇒ Wiring/Electric installation
  • ⇒ Laminating Machine
  • ⇒ Spiral Binding Machine
  • ⇒ Generator Set
  • ⇒ Shop Rent (Annually)
  • ⇒ Plain Fabric for passport backgrounds.
  • ⇒ Stapler and pins
  • ⇒ USB Flash

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