How To Start  Computer Business Centres In Nigeria( Step By Step ).

Computer business centres are shops that render services related to documents and office or school work including scanning, printing, photocopying, laminating and online registration such as NYSC, JAMB etc.

Computer Business Centres

It is profitable especially if it is located in a busy area such as in or beside a tertiary institution.

Computer business centre is different from a cyber café. A cyber cafe is where you pay to surf the internet. However, some business centres render cyber cafe services.

In this article, we will examine how you can start a computer business centre. Here you will know exactly the amount you will need to carry out the business, how profitable it is and other factors that relate to the running of the business in Nigeria.

How To Start  Computer Business Centre In Nigeria

All You Need Know- Step By Step-

Step 1-  Get a Suitable Location.

Step 2-   Know Your Product and Services

Step 3-  Get Your Required Items.

Step 4-  Identify Your Monthly Spending

Step 1

Get a Suitable Location.

Location is very important in order to be successful business. It could be located near educational or major government institutions, near a district with office buildings or even

Computer business centres run successfully in any urban city or suburban town, especially in LAgos or Abuja or even in a university campus.

It is also important to choose the perfect Location as this will help in determining the rent prices for shops. Most often, the average price of a shop range from N80,000 – N180,000 Naira  annually.

Although you should take heed, business centres don’t run well inside a market, because as a rule, schools and offices are never built in a market. Preferably, it should be located outside the main market area, in a plaza or complex, or preferably in the middle of town.

Step 2

Know Your Product and Services

Computer Business Centres Products and Services

Here is a complete list of all the services offered in a computer business centre below;

  • Photocopying
  • Scanning
  • Typing
  • Printing
  • Spiral binding
  • Laminating (optional)
  • Online registration (optional)
  • Disc burning (optional)
  • Digital passports (optional)

These are majorly the essential services that are expected from a computer business centre. Some of the items listed above are optional, hence, you can start the business without really offering that particular service or maybe start later.

Step 3

Get Your Required Items.

List of Required Items For Computer Business Centres

There are mainly of two categories of items; the ones that are capital intensive (e.g. printer) and those that need to be restocked every time they are finished.

Here’s an estimate of all the items updated this year. Price estimates is sourced from online resources (such as and directly from individuals in the business;

There are mainly  two categories of required items for this business start-up:

  • Capital Intensive Items: eg Printer, desktop computer etc
  • Re-stockable Items: eg Papers, inks
Generator Set 1.1KVA Sumec Fireman 48,500
Shop Rent (Annually) 50,000
Laptop Computer Acer Aspire Mini 66,000 If you prefer a desktop computer, you should get a UPS.
Printer Sharp AR-M201 or any similar Sharp AR model series. 65,000 All-in-one purpose printer.
Inkjet Printer HP Deskjet Ink 115. 13,000
Sign Post 5,000 By arts and prints in your locality.
Extension Wire 1,200
Furniture Three plastic stools, one wooden table. 10,000
Wiring/Electric installation 8,000 For the generator input.
Laminating Machine 20,000
Spiral Binding Machine For simple plastic binding. 17,000 Other models include ones for metal binds.
Digital Camera Sony Cybershot model series. 17,000 – 21,000
Photo Printer 15,000
Plain Fabric White 1 yard 200 For passport backgrounds.
Fuel Container 500
External CD Drive 3,500 Since the Mini laptop doesn’t have a CD drive.
Stapler 300
USB Flash 1,500 4GB flash.
SIM Card 250 For data subscriptions.
Internet Dongle 4,000
Bio-metric Scanner 3,000 You won’t otherwise need it unless you are registering students for JAMB or other similar program.
Scissors 300
Sum Total = 349,250

Step 4

Identify Your Monthly Spending

Below is a list of items that need restocking:
A4 Paper Pack 3,500
Internet subscription Monthly data plan 2,000
Plastic binds Different sizes and colour 1,500 Depends on your needs.
Laminating film 3,000 Depends on your needs.
Gen. fuel Monthly 8,000
Gen. service Monthly 1,500 Depends on your mechanic.
Ink Toner cartridge 15,000 Contact your dealers.
Inkjet printer cartridge Coloured 6,000 Contact your dealers.
Stapler pins Small pack 250
Photo paper 5,000
Hired Help Monthly Full-time 15,000 – 25,000
PHCN bill 5,000 Depends on location.
Average monthly expenditure = 45,450

So it takes about N45,450 or more to keep your business running monthly.

Computer business centre is a lucrative business that requires extensive capital and time devotion.

In summary, you should know these about the business:

Capital to start business: approximately N260,000 – N363,250.

Expenditures (monthly): N45,000.

Profit Margin: 66%.

Potential customers: Students and office workers majority, and others.

Potential growth: Business can expand to other branches and/or cyber café.

Suitable location: Cities and suburbs.

Business hours: on average 10 hours daily, 8am – 6pm.

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