How to Check Remita Payment Status.

Are you wondering on how long does it take for Remita payment to reflect? You should get a response that your payment was successful, in case you did not get a “success” message, then you have to the step by step to check Remita payment status below.

Check Remita Payment Status

Sometimes it might take up to 24-48 hours, depending on the network availability before your payment is approved.

How to Check Remita Payment Status.

Here’s how to check and confirm Remita payment in few steps:
  • To check Remita payment status, visit Remita official website
  • Then login into your account there.
  • Locate the link “Pay an Invoice” and click on it.
  • Enter RRR number (Remita Retrieval Reference). It includes 12 symbols.
  • After you fill out all the necessary data, click on the button “Continue”.
  • Click on ‘View Receipt’
  • Select the number of copies to view receipt.

How to Retrieve Remita Payment Receipt.

  • Go to
  • Click on the icon labelled ‘Resend Receipt or Invoice’
  • Type in the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)
  • Click on “resend” to send the receipt to the original email address on the receipt or click on “send to an alternate email” to resend the receipt to another email address of your choosing.
  • Enter the alternate email address you want the receipt sent to as well as the amount paid.
  • Click Submit
  • The receipt or invoice will be forwarded to the provided email address
Alternatively you may visit or send an email to if you cannot remember details of the payment. 

How to Generate Remita Receipt after Payment?

Ideally, REMITA automatically sends a payment receipt to the email address on your invoice. To generate a Remita Receipt for any paid invoice by request, follow the step by step below:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Resend Receipt/Invoice: A new windows opens
  3. Enter your RRR in the box provided and press Submit: Your receipt should be send to the email you registered with.

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