Super Vibes EP Review and Mr Yukay Global Mission

Super Vibes EP Review and Mr Yukay Global Mission – Having earned his badge as one of the first eleven of the Igede Entertainment Industry – with Music in view- making it into the scene with his 2009 evergreen single IgedeAgba off his ThankYouLord Album, Mr Yukay, formerly known as Befelow BF unleashed Legacy and MadeInIgede Albums and they stand tall among the best body of works by indigenous Igede creatives in the music sphere.

Regarded by many as a local Artist but, one who I would call “an ethnic-oriented” Artist, Yukay is an Artist whose melodious and solemn voice you can’t help but ‘fall in love with”- the cohesion in his choice of lyrics and his storytelling skills are top, top.

He has shown that several times in part- and I would be a thousand and ten times over right to say he is a very versatile and hardworking creative who is distinct and unique in his creations.

The way he mixes Afropop, RnB and Amapiano genres is something that should be learned by other growing Artists who love to explore and discover what works better for them.

MrYukay is out to show the world that he got what it takes to live above the “local Artist” tag and the body of work he put together to make up his EP dubbed SupervibesEP deserve your listen and relistening.

From HappyDance where he (re)emphasized the “happiness is free” charge and how everyone deserves to choose their happiness over whatever would attempt to thwart their happiness. In a world where toxicity seems to reign supreme now, HappyDance is a song that keeps you self-aware and conscious as your journey your path through life.

I told you the EP is one you can relate to and I mean it.

FunDay talks about finding pleasure while soaking in pressure amidst seeking treasure. “No be you kill Jesus”- it doesn’t matter how much your challenges or whatever it is you are chasing, you deserve some moment for a break outside the struggles as you cross hurdles and solve puzzles in life. You deserve a FunDay with yourself and then family and friends if you chose to have one.

The other songs in the EP are Come, BenLow, MyOnyeoma, MyAir and the bonus track Focuz. A 6-track EP with a bonus that you can’t help but love.

Yukay, though have answers to give to his fans as some might be wondering if his #Focuz is to Cum when himself and his Onyeoma who doubles as his Air meet on a FunDay to have a HappyDance.

I am sure you are trying to wrap your head around it. Not to worry, it is the same thing you do under the sheets.

‘Nof said, if you ever want to vibe super, then SuperVibezEP is one you can’t afford to let slide past you. From Joxzy OTOR’s INK to you and from Yukay’s voice and creative mind to your ears.


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