Copperstone University Accredited Courses

Copperstone University Accredited Courses and Tuition Fee:  Copperstone University is located at PLOT 38002, BALUBA CAMPUS P.O BOX 22041 ALONG NDOLA – KITWE DUAL CARRIAGE WAY KITWE LUANSHYA.

Copperstone University undergraduate application are open for students across the globe. Online Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the Copperstone University undergraduate programmes, masters programs and other programs. Here are the  list of Copperstone University accredited courses: 

Copperstone University Masters Programs

  1. Master of Ballistics and Explosives
  2. Master of Crime Science Investigation
  3. Master of Development Studies
  4. Master of Disaster Management
  5. Master of Document Examiner
  6. Master of Education
  7. Master of Entrepreneurship
  8. Master of Environmental Health Sciences
  9. Master of Forensic Accounting and Auditing
  10. Master of Forensic Finger Prints
  11. Master of Forensic Photography
  12. Master of Meteorology
  13. Master of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Science
  14. Master of Project Management
  15. Master of Science Economics
  16. Master of Social Work
  17. Master of Theological Studies
  18. Master of Waste Management
  19. Master of Laws
  20. Master of Business Administration
  21. Master of Public Health

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 Copperstone University Bachelor Degree Programs

  1. Bachelor of Accountancy
  2. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Sales and Retail Management
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Sports Event and Stadium Management
  5. Bachelor of Arts Rural and Urban Development
  6. Bachelor of Building and Construction
  7. Bachelor of Business Administration
  8. Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance
  9. Bachelor of Business and Marketing
  10. Bachelor of Commerce
  11. Bachelor of Commerce in Education
  12. Bachelor of Computer Hardware and Technology
  13. Bachelor of Computer Science in Software Development and Networking
  14. Bachelor of Computer Science with Education
  15. Bachelor of Corporate communication
  16. Bachelor of Design and Technology in Education
  17. Bachelor of Development Studies
  18. Bachelor of Digital animations
  19. Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  20. Bachelor of Electronics Engineering
  21. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship
  22. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  23. Bachelor of Environmental Health Science
  24. Bachelor of Fire Safety Engineering
  25. Bachelor of Forensic Auditing in Accounting
  26. Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling
  27. Bachelor of Home Economics
  28. Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  29. Bachelor of international Relations and development
  30. Bachelor of Investigations and Security Management
  31. Bachelor of Laws
  32. Bachelor of Leadership and Management
  33. Bachelor of Local Government Administration
  34. Bachelor of Logistics and Transport
  35. Bachelor of Mass Communication
  36. Bachelor of Media Management
  37. Bachelor of Mining Engineering
  38. Bachelor of Primary Education
  39. Bachelor of Project Planning and Management
  40. Bachelor of Public Health
  41. Bachelor of Public Relations Management
  42. Bachelor of Purchasing and Supply Management
  43. Bachelor of Religious Studies with Education
  44. Bachelor of Science in Customs and International Trade
  45. Bachelor of Science in Economics
  46. Bachelor of Science in Economics and Commerce
  47. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  48. Bachelor of Science in Insurance and Risk Management
  49. Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety Health and Environment
  50. Bachelor of Science in Sports Management
  51. Bachelor of Science in Web Design Technology
  52. Bachelor of Secondary Education
  53. Bachelor of Shipping and Logistics
  54. Bachelor of Social Work
  55. Bachelor of Anthropology
  56. Bachelor of Computer Science
  57. Bachelor of Marketing
  58. Bachelor of Sociology
  59. Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science

Copperstone University Diploma Programs

  1. Diploma in Accountancy
  2. Diploma in Anthropology
  3. Diploma in Arts Rural and Urban Development
  4. Diploma in Arts Sales and Retail Management
  5. Diploma in Auto-Mechanics
  6. Diploma in Building and Construction
  7. Diploma in Business Administration
  8. Diploma in Business Administration and Finance
  9. Diploma in Business and Marketing
  10. Diploma in Commerce
  11. Diploma in Computer Science
  12. Diploma in Customs and International Trade
  13. Diploma in Development Studies
  14. Diploma in Economics and Commerce
  15. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  16. Diploma in Electronics Engineering
  17. Diploma in Entrepreneurship
  18. Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  19. Diploma in Environmental Health Science
  20. Diploma in Finance and Accounting
  21. Diploma in Financial Management
  22. Diploma in Fire Safety Engineering
  23. Diploma in Forensic Auditing and Accounting
  24. Diploma in Forensic Science
  25. Diploma in Guidance and Counseling
  26. Diploma in Information Technology
  27. Diploma in Investigations and Security Management
  28. Diploma in law
  29. Diploma in Leadership and Management
  30. Diploma in Local Government Administration
  31. Diploma in Marketing
  32. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  33. Diploma in Metal Fabrication
  34. Diploma in Mining Engineering
  35. Diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering
  36. Diploma in Occupational Safety Health and Environment
  37. Diploma in Primary Education
  38. Diploma in Project Planning and Management
  39. Diploma in Public Health
  40. Diploma in Science in Economics
  41. Diploma in Science in Sports Management
  42. Diploma in Science Insurance and Risk Management
  43. Diploma in Secondary Education
  44. Diploma in Social Work
  45. Diploma in Sociology
  46. Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Copperstone University Certificate Courses

  1. Certificate in Forensic Auditing with Accounting
  2. Certificate in Mining Engineering
  3. Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation
  4. Certificate in Project Planning and Management
  5. Certificate in Forensic Science

 Copperstone University PhD Programs

  1. PhD in Entrepreneurship, Economics, Human Resources Management
  2. Doctor of Business Administration in Business, Finance, Banking, Taxation

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