List of Countries with Lack of Education.

The Countries with Lack of Education highlights a number of nations around the world where formal education is not evidently founded, let alone adequately resourced; or say places where quality education is not placed for lack of the facilities that should be made available by the government. Many countries are yet struggling politically with numerous problems, most important of which is economic crises which are consequences of war and serious internal conflicts between major tribes.

For reasons of this basic problem, many nations are to a very large extent incapacitated to sponsor or invest in putting in place good formal education or revamping their educational sectors by building schools and supplying facilities needed to reawaken the future of their peoples.

List of Countries with Lack of Education.

Approximately 262 million young people are currently without access to basic school-based education, with the worst-hit regions facing conflict or clustered around sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected area with over 32 million children of primary school age remaining uneducated. Central and Eastern Asia, as well as the Pacific, are also severely affected by this problem with more than 27 million uneducated children. But majorly, concentration is on the African continent as it is the only place where the lack of education is an existent problem.

Here are therefore the list of countries with lack of education:

  • Sudan

Because of the continuous cases of war and conflicts in that of the world, Sudan is said to be one of the largest numbers of out-of-school children in the Middle East and North Africa region and estimates suggest more than three million children here, aged 5-13 years, are not in school. It is one of the list of countries with lack of education.

  • Comoros

Education in Comoros has been held back by issues blamed on the country’s incomplete decentralization that begun in 2011.

These problems are reportedly compounded by general lack of facilities. This country is one of the list of countries with lack of education.

  • Iraq

Decades of war and under-investment in Iraq have decimated what used to be one of the Middle East’s leading education systems and ended for many Iraqi children their access to high-quality schooling.

  • South Sudan

More than two million children—approximately 70 percent—are unable to attend school in South Sudan, placing both their own and the future of the country at risk.

Some of the out-of-school children are living in pastoral communities, moving with their cattle meaning they are too busy to go to classes with any regularity in the newest internationally recognized country in the world.

  • Sierra Leone

Access to quality education, retention and completion of school remain challenges for children in Sierra Leone.

  • Central African Republic

Many schools across the Central African Republic have consequently been closed due to the ongoing violence or because of the lack of teachers.

A humanitarian crisis is currently heavily impacting the lives of the overwhelming majority of children in the war-torn Central African Republic.

  • Mali

Although education in Mali has been improving in recent years, UNICEF estimates more than 2 million children aged between five and 17 still do not go to school, and over half of Mali’s young people aged 15 to 24 remain illiterate, which then make it be found in the list of countries with lack of education.

  • Burkina Faso

Education in Burkina Faso is close to underbudgeted, the west African country’s government lacks sufficient resources to provide universal free primary schooling for its citizenry.

By law and estimate, the size limit for one class is 65 students, those in many rural area classes are much bigger because of the lack of schools, meaning children may get turned away from full classrooms and will be forced to try again the next year. Pitiably, Burkina Faso has to be added to the list of countries with lack of education.

  • Niger

Being one of the list of countries with lack of education in the world, Niger is noted to be one of the poorest African countries where major survival is only focused on the least of basic needs which is feeding and merely surviving

  • Djibouti

This particular country is described by the World Bank as one of the poorest countries in the world and the 828,000 citizens of teeny Djibouti in Eastern Africa are only expected to be in school about six years. Teacher and textbook shortages as well as crowded classrooms and dropouts have made educational progress tough. It is then one of the list of countries with lack of education.

  • Eritrea

This is also one of the list of countries with lack of education. Four years in school is all that people in nation of 6 million in the Horn of Africa get to experience, on average. The conflict-ridden country can’t contribute much, either: Eritrea spends just 2.1 percent of their GDP on education. Making matters worse, the 69 percent of primary school-students who don’t drop out aren’t likely to get much individual attention if they’re having trouble with a lesson.

  • Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s educational system has been seriously affected by more than three decades of sustained warfare. In the poorest and remote areas of the country, enrollment levels vary extensively and girls still lack equal access, making it one of the list of countries with lack of education.

  • Chad

Last of the the list of countries with lack of education, a large percent of Chad’s 14.5 million population will need humanitarian assistance due to an internal political crisis ravaging the country and has left little money or focus for education in the violence-riddled country in Northern Africa. It is undoubtedly one of the list of countries with lack of education.

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