How to Create an Incredible Personal Branding Video that Sells YOU.

If you think video marketing is limited to corporate or businesses only, you need to know that video marketing works wonders for personal branding.

Create an Incredible Personal Branding Video

To promote your brand, you need to create an attractive video for your profile to catch recruiters, investors, and employers’ attention. With the right kind of profile video having your profile overview in terms of what you do, who you are, what kind of opportunities you are looking for and how you can add more value to the organizations and brands, your best impression can be put forward.

However, when it comes to creating such video content, paying attention to some essential elements is a must, such as language, medium of interaction, target audience etc. So, if your objective is to create an incredible personal branding video that sells you, look no forward as this post will present you with the best ways to develop excellent video content. 

How to Create an Incredible Personal Branding Video that Sells YOU:

Now that you know the  benefits of branding for your big and small business, it high time you start leveraging on how to create an incredible personal branding video that will sell YOU. Videos are visual, you can use video to showcase complex concepts and make things clearer for your costumer. Our five tips below will guide you:

1. Target Audience and Personal Branding.

When we talk about personal branding, introducing yourself and your brand is the key. Therefore, you must be confident about what you are selling while avoiding any confusion that can hamper your communication and positioning. You must also be aware of your target audience, as it can be beneficial in conveying a clear message via your video.

There is no point in targeting random people as it will be a sheer waste of time and effort for you, while there is no guarantee for your video content to be a success when distributed amongst the wrong viewers.

Therefore, create video content by keeping your audience in mind and what matters to them the most so that your communication is compelling and engaging. 

2. Pen Down your Speech.

Writing what you want to say makes sense as it can help you display your thoughts better and crisply. Therefore, make sure that you always start by creating a suitable script to target desirable viewers.

Writing down what you want to say also makes it easy to note down those points you need to stress upon while ensuring that you don’t skip anything important.

You should also try to visualize how you want to deliver your message to emotionally drive the audience and give them a feeling of a connection to your message. 

Showcasing your message in the form of a story is recommended. You can add elements related to the beginning of your business, the challenges you faced, how you solved the problems and what difference it made. Creating a story sets a flow of communication and helps in better production management.

3. Professional Help.

Irrespective of what kind of video you are making, whether, for personal or business promotion, it calls for professional help. In such a case, the best is to opt for an online video editor.  The video editing tools provide a convenient way to create professional-quality videos in just a few simple steps. Video editing tools feature numerous templates to choose from while giving many effects, animations, audios etc., outshine your content. 

Apart from this, you can also hire a video professional who can help you create high-quality content. They will take care of the details like lighting, sound effects and present the viewers with the most refined footage.

These video professionals are well-versed with video editing techniques and help to make your video concise, engaging and straightforward.

But, if you prefer to perform editing all by yourself, it’s recommended to opt for an easy to use online video editor and refer to its video making tutorials to get the best out of your effort. 

4. Be Creative and Comfortable.

For many, facing the camera can be uncomfortable. But to promote your brand, you must face the same. Indeed, there are options like showcasing your PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over in your branding video content. But, to tell you honestly, it won’t make your impression as big as facing the camera can make. 

Well, video marketing looks more authentic and builds better communication and connection with the audiences. But, if you don’t like to come in front of the camera, you can take some time and practice.

If you still feel uncomfortable, record plenty of videos to get on the right track and eliminate stressful areas where you are lacking. With regular practice and constant observation, you will be able to make your story.

You can also take feedback from your colleagues or co-workers and work on the points where you need more polishing. Also, always keep your tone casual and friendly as people accept such lively clips. But, if you still think that you are not prepared for the camera after all the practising, try to make your presence felt by coming on and off on the camera screen. 

5. Publish your Video on a Wide range of Platforms.

The whole idea behind creating a personal branding video is to spread your brand’s reach far and wide. Therefore, publishing your video only on one platform is not a good choice. When you create your video, post your profile link on your Home or About page and then use other social media channels to spread your details.

You can add your profile on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and more so that when anyone clicks on your profile link, it will be straightaway directed to your website.

Moreover, never skip filling in all your details and descriptions on social media platforms to add diversity to your profile. You can also think about uploading your video on various video platforms such as InVideo and Dailymotion and gain more attractive benefits. 


Video marketing is the best way to kick-start your brand. Therefore you must intensely focus on presenting yourself, and your experience in a well made video format.

The above-given tips will surely help you create the most lucrative and professional video content to promote yourself.

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