Interpretation to Dream About Water

The dream is a world of its own. It can be regarded as the spiritual and psychological reflection of mortal men, just like the veil through which shadows of the past, present, and the future display itself. In one of the dreams that man is capable of seeing, there is the possible evidence of water which may appear like ocean, sea, river, or stream, or even in a cup or bowl of water. All these no matter how have their significant relevance to the reality of man. We shall therefore be looking into the interpretation to dream about water.

Water is no doubt one of the major wonders of the world; its indispensability to the human existence cannot be underestimated. Needless to ask is the question that man can survive without or whether the abundance of it in the possession of man is dangerous. Apart from the fact that water is advantageous to man, it is also a living habitat for other living and non-living organisms.

Interpretation to Dream About Water

As important and useful is water to man so is its significance when seen in dreams. It is in the light of this that we will be dissecting some of the interpretation to dream about water in subsequent reveal:

Biblical Significance (Positive and Negative)

The water dream meaning during biblical times signifies purity. Water is turned holy once it is blessed by a religious figure, which is then used in churches for spiritual activities like baptism. Hence, to dream about water could mean that you are being cleansed and renewed. An obvious sign of a positive meaning of the water in your dream is when you are dreaming of a clear water. It’s a symbol of contentment and good fortune.

On the other hand, if the water is cloudy or murky, then it could signify trouble or adversities which you are going to encounter in your waking life.

Other Interpretations of Seeing Water in Sleep

  • Rebirth

Since water is used for cleansing, to see it in your dream could mean that you will have a fresh start soon. Imagine a used and dirty plate, when washed with water, it becomes clean and it looks brand new again.

You are the plate and your dream could be telling you that whatever mistakes you made in the past, it is not too late to start over. If, for the longest time, someone has been telling you what to do, why not try to step up this time and decide for yourself.

Maybe you have been relying too much on a certain vice, say smoking. Your dream of water could be telling you that now is the perfect time to choose health over pleasure. Choose the path that will lead you to a longer, healthier, and happier life

  • Repressed Feelings

Dreaming of water may also stand for the emotions you have been hiding for a long time. The reason behind keeping those emotions to yourself could be fear. You are afraid of showing your true feelings because you are afraid that the people you are close to might leave you or they might take advantage of you.

Maybe you are falling for your best friend, and you are scared that if you tell them the truth, you might lose them. Remember that showing your emotions to the person who, you think, cares for you, can result in two ways. They can either get awkward at some point and leave you eventually, or they can reciprocate those feelings you have towards them. If they truly care for you, they would definitely do the latter.

Therefore, do not keep those emotions hidden. Have the courage to show the world what you feel because who knows, the universe might just be in your favor.

  • Prosperity

Water is known to give life to everything around us. You, the animals around you, even the plants, need water to survive. In other words, water gives life to allow living things to live, multiply, and prosper.

Dreaming of water could be a sign that in your waking life you are also geared to thrive. It could mean prosperity in your personal life, in your professional life, or both.

Maybe your boss has finally seen your potential and offered you a promotion with a wonderful pay. This could mean that you are on your way to climbing that corporate ladder. At the same time, your finances are thriving, hence, you can give your family a better life.

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